The local residents and the Yodobashi camera crashed hard and I went to the residents briefing for the construction work of the "Kyoto Yodobashi Building"

A vast landscape in the back of the Kyoto Tower on the north side of JR Kyoto Station, thereYodobashi Camera AdvancesShocking news flowed last week, but today, the residents' briefing for the construction of the "Kyoto Yodobashi Building" was held in Mielparque Kyoto so I went there immediately. Plans and cross sections of the Kyoto Yodobashi Building are also posted in the distributed materials, and the completion schedule is October 10, 2010, the above image is a complete image drawing.

About the first 30 minutes it was an ordinary briefing session, but after the Q & A session we entered the area, local residents said that the situation was injured by a ground-up shop, local residents emerged, relentless on the connection between Yodobashi and ground-up shops and gangsters We pursued a pursuit. Furthermore, people in local shopping districts that had not received any explanation about this matter up until now, residents who took up the influence of crowds in front of Kyoto station, and so on repeatedly made a grand explanatory meeting.

Local resident vs. Yodobashi Camera details from below.
Mielparque Kyoto where this was a briefing venue.

It is right next to the JR Kyoto Station building.

Kyoto tower is behind.

The briefing took place on this 6th floor.

The situation of the hall looked like this, all the seats were buried around 15 o'clock of the start time.

Therefore, the briefing schedule is scheduled from 15 o'clock to 16 o'clock, and the question and answer is scheduled to be last, so it began at the beginning. This is the material that was distributed. It was A4 size double-sided printing.

After closing Kintetsu Department Store last February, considering various plans from around the time of demolition construction, we decided to commission comprehensive produce to Planet Corporation and Sato Comprehensive Plan, Inc. in February of this year internally and concrete He told me he started the plan.

In Kansai there are only Yodobashi cameras in Umeda, but to make it in Kyoto as well. We hope to be completed on October 10, 2010, and we decided to designate major general contractors as partners next February. The name will be "Kyoto Yodobashi".

We arranged a guard man, about 520 parking lot, about 140 motorcycles, about 1230 bicycle parking lots, business hours are from 9 o'clock to 23 o'clock. The number of people employed is about 1,500. All the exterior is made of stone. We plan to create an arch-shaped corridor and create an underground entrance such as a direct escalator directly connected to the entrance of the subway, while creating an atmosphere like the future pedestrian heaven so that we want to aim for something that is said to be Kyoto is.

The store area is 39,000 square meters. On the 10th of December the Kyoto newspaperIt says it is 50,000 square metersBut this is a bit different, the area containing the shared part.

The facility scale is the same size as the former Kyoto Kintetsu department store. Yodobashi Akihabara and Yodobashi Umeda have 100,000 people a day. Kyoto expects a synergistic effect by 50,000 people a day, the construction period is about 14 months. For the administration, we applied for the center of the Kyoto city city planning master plan commercial and business district, Kyoto city commercial collecting guide plan, wide area commercial accumulation zone, landscape conservation is "city area type aesthetic forming district (North jumping site: Historical heritage type esthetic area neighborhood, landscape improvement district: Old city area beautiful district) ". It seems that we will carry out smooth vehicle flow line planning.

And this is the end of the explanation at 15:30. Although I entered a question and answer session, it was amazing from people on top batter.

Residents A:
I would like to extend the question and answer time until 16:30. First, there was contact for the first time (from Yodobashi side) only on December 12th. Until then, a gangsters' landing shop was coming. He said that he distributed the information on this briefing to the neighborhood, but there were houses that were not distributed even in the neighborhood. In the explanatory materials of the villas and today it is Kyoto city Shimogyo-ku Karasuma-mura seven-row Shimouru Higashi Salockocho cho 702 "other"There are small squares that are written. It is supposed to proceed because it has recently completed the ground raising for three. Although it says that the dump first comes in for construction, it causes inconvenience in the neighborhood. I knew this suddenly a week ago. When I called a Kyoto city and made a complaint, I told the administrative guidance to Yodobashi was the result of this briefing. As I said, "Tell the mayor of Kyoto if you have a question", the organizer is Yodobashi. Kyoto city is administrative. It is strange that the administration of Yodobashi and Kyoto are united. In the first place, ground raising has been in progress for a long time. It has been done for over a year in city halls etc. It is only a story that it changed to Yodobashi. It is said that it has already decided on just a few. Because Yodobashi will open up, I do not explain to apply to Kyoto city, but it is reversed. The shape where the Yodobashi rides in the place where ground rising has been going on since a long time ago. In addition, 7 is a traffic accident frequent area. I can not pass an ambulance. How will the car increase more than now? Contact with local residents in Kyoto is irregular. Are you using a yakuza roof shop?

I was asked by Yodobashi this June. I do not know earlier, but I went to see your wife and apologized in November.

Residents A:
There is evidence that Yodobashi used a ground shop. I received that there is no company name etc in the envelope. What is this all about? As this time there should be a question from other people, keep it as much as this.

The next questioner isKyoto Shopping Federation.

Kyoto Shopping Federation:
Despite being an organization of shopping districts representing Kyoto, I heard it from a member acquaintance for the first time and knew it. Information leaflets and villas have not come to us. Also, although Takashimaya (smaller than Yodobashi but the biggest in Kyoto at the present time) traffic congestion has also occurred, what will you do after this on Bic camera, Joshin? What is going to be sold, what is the composition of the store? First of all, I would like you to accept local requests first, I want you to explain to the Kyoto Shokai Federation not only local residents, please explain in the future. I do not want to end today, I want you to talk with me again. Also, it is the first time to let vehicles, people enter from Seven Creek Street. Kintetsu Department Store had a parking lot behind it and put it in from Shinchomachi street. Although it was still congested, it was still good as it is a new town. However, it becomes a mistake when it becomes 7 - street. I want you to manage this point. Diamond City, Matsushita and others had contacts from early stages. In addition, I'm advocating "Walking and having fun Kyoto" as a shopping district, and I hope the car will not enter the city center as much as possible.

Regarding the flyer of this briefing, this time, it distributed to residents of a radius of 300 meters, 70% of the number of households. However, there are certain cases that there are no posts or rejection of leaflets and distribution is not possible. Initially 3,000 households were scheduled, and as a result it was distributed to 4,700 households, but it is true that there were cases that could not be distributed. Also, regarding the entrance and exit, we are still in the planning stage, presently only presenting the plan of the Seven Streets, only the concept.

Another questioner pointed out that there was no talk in advance in this local shopping district.

Resident B:
Although it is also a shopping street, I have not heard the story beforehand. Also, because there is a Seven-Line station in the vicinity, there are times when a city-marking car comes, do you think about countermeasures against it?

Residents C:
I heard from local officials, "When the north side of Kyoto station is lonely, when it is opening business," I said before, but who is the official? Also, I got a letter of ground raising, but who is the "Suzuki" who sent the letter? It is a zone where traffic accidents occur frequently, but did you inquire about the seven-story police station about this?

The traffic survey went on in October. Also, various people move without permission. The real estate agent brought "This land is there" against Yodobashi. So, to be honest about the story earlier this year, I do not know.

Residents D:
It was taught for the first time that our side was to enter the car for Yodobashi's customers for the first time. As a detour of Gojo-dori, the 7-clause has two lanes, but it is effectively used. Where do you turn your car when you get congested? Take a commonsense plan. I ignore residents living in old days.

With the feeling that it was quite confused and forcibly did not hold the venue for more than 16 o'clock, so after the question and answer was over, it broke up.

So after the dissolution, we headed for the planned construction site of Kyoto Yodobashi by haste.

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