I thought about the possibility of the Spanish crisis where foreign capital and Chinese shops destroy the domestic economy

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Due to the weakness of the financial base, Portugal (Pigs) was calledPOrtugal), Ireland (IReland), Greece (GReece), Spain (SPain), Greece, the beginning of European credit anxiety, Ireland, where the real estate bubble burst, received emergency lending relief from the EU and IMF (International Monetary Fund). I also have reports that Portugal is also "near request for relief". Spain will not be watching again.

We tried to summarize the Spanish economy by running the most paved road in Europe, weakness in domestic industry, weak supermarket, flooding of Chinese products by Chinese, over a month running.

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Beautiful paved road. The Spanish road was more beautifully paved than the EU center, France and Germany. It was normal in France that there is no shoulder but there is some rough road in Germany. In comparison, Spain was paved firmly up to the provincial road.

Easy to run road shoulder.

The old road goes to the valley floor, the running road runs over the highway, the highway and the three roads cross the ridge.

Public investment seems to be active not only on roads. There are compartments that you do not know what to use. There is nothing in the vicinity.

And it is not connected to the road either. Even though such public investment is being made, is the Spanish budget deficit keeping the euro standard of less than 3% of GDP? Spain belongs to the euro area, the euro is a common currency adopted in many countries. Therefore, we can not behave selfishly and rules are obeyed.

Foreign capital is active in Spain.CarrefourIs a French supermarket

Redur is a German discount store

Deer is a French discount store

I can not find a supermarket in Spain. In Germany it was certainly small in the center and in the suburbs if it was a small town. If it is France, the signboards are muddy and it guides us well. There was no other supermarket to be found in Europe. If you are running along the main road you will find something. However, Spain was serious. There are few suburban stores and there is a slightly bigger store than the convenience store in the center of the city.

In the northwestern part of Spain the population has also entered the city of Lleida with more than 100,000 people. Although I wanted to stop by the supermarket, I was surprised by this as I passed by without finding anything when I was running in the center along the main road. Orange is a French mobile company.

Vodafone is a British mobile company.

Both the supermarket and the mobile company seem to have domestic capital. However, I felt that the battle was far from competitive with foreign companies.SeatIs a Spanish car company. However, it is not independent but it is a subsidiary of Germany's largest automaker Volkswagen Group.

A lot of foreign-affiliated companies are active in Spain. On the contrary, I can not find a representative company even though I think of the success of Spanish companies outside of the country. ClothingZARAIs it a place? The weak point that there is no strong industry along with Greece, Ireland, Portugal which caused the economic crisis is the same in Spain. Wine was exported abroad.

There is a Japanese notation on the reverse side, it seems that it is being exported to Japan.

And the Chinese goods made in large quantities and cheaply erode the Spanish economy. There is also a Chinese shop in the back, sandwiching the road of the Chinese shop in front.

Large Chinese store.

A Chinese store like a convenience store.

For reference, I will also introduce Portuguese Chinese shops.

It is the size of the gymnasium place.

Hyper Market is not Hyper China.

There are also small shops. This Chinese store, small shops sell Japanese goods shops, 100 yen shops, miscellaneous goods, dishes, stationery, accessories, tools and so on. Meanwhile, when it became a large store, products with high unit price such as clothes, shoes, bags were handled.

This is the miscellaneous goods sold at Chinese stores. It seemed that the design claimed to be "self made by the Chinese" indeed.

I think that both MADE IN CHINA on the right side and FABRICADO EN ASIA on the left side are Chinese products, but is there any meaning to say "Asia"? Also, I often saw "MADE IN PRC". It seems to be abbreviation of People's Republic of China (People's Republic of China). I feel that I have hidden maid in China intentionally.

This maid in China was a sight that I often see in Europe. However, Germany, France, the Netherlands, etc. are produced, imported, and sold in the home country by companies in their home countries. Japan will be the same shape. However, in Spain / Portugal, Chinese people import China products and operate Chinese stores. A series of business activities are completed in Chinese. If you imagine a Chinese executive who works for each of the 100 yen shops in Japan, you will find outstanding conditions in Spain and Portugal. Inexpensive Chinese products, the Spanish domestic products can not compete with the current situation.

When I visited Spain I was puzzled by another Europe. The unreliable domestic economy is enough to remind the Spanish crisis. We can not keep an eye on the future of the Spanish economy in the future.

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