Key releases animated movie of latest work "Rewrite" released on June 24

Production declaration was announced to April Fools in 2008 (this was true), in 2010, 18 forbidden (this is a lie) was announced, Key's latest work "Rewrite".Launched on April 28, 2011, originally plannedHas been postponed to June 24 due to various circumstances, but today the animated movie has been released.

"It was not April Fool's story?" "It was true though everyone thought that the production itself was a lie, but it was true ... ..." that is open to the public from April 1, although it is open to fans a bit. And "It's an animated movie that is also used in the game."

The playback of the movie is from the following.
Rewrite | Key Official HomePage

YouTube - 【Key】 Rewrite opening animation

AlreadyWhat is being said as an opening movieIt is open to the public and its atmosphere is so different from its content that it is convinced that it is said that "April Fools' lie justice?"

Although the title is also "opening animation" as for this time thing, what kind of usage will it be if it is actually being used in the work?

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