TEPCO's planned blackout, all five groups from all five groups will introduce "Forecast mark" on September 26 (Saturday) scheduled to subdivide

According to TEPCO's announcement, we will divide the current 5 groups further into 5 subgroups, which will subdivide the group.

Details are as below.
Improvement of planned blackout operation
~ Group segmentation etc ~

According to TEPCO's press release, it is the prospect of subdividing this group into 25 pieces on Saturday, March 26. The reasons are as follows.

Until now, there were cases where we had a blackout in all areas of the group,
There is a case that we will power blackout, and for customers, accurate power interruption area is known
Because there was a hard-to-read aspect, it is to improve this.
For example, if the supply and demand of electricity is tight, we will make a power outage on a group basis, but in the spring
Because temporary tightening of power supply and demand tightening is temporarily improved, it is necessary to limit the power failure area to a part of the group
It is thought that the number will increase, and we will do this review this time.
If you interrupted only a part of the group, customers who did not have a blackout next time
We will do the handling that will cause unfairness, such as power outage in turn from.

This is an image of grouping

Furthermore, we will introduce the "forecast mark" as below after identifying the establishment of group subdivision after Saturday, March 26.

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