Mizuho Bank's ATM is unavailable throughout Japan, online banking and ATMs of convenience stores that partner with

It became clear that Mizuho Bank ATMs and online banking etc. in Japan are unusable.

In addition, it is also announced that the system failure that occurred on March 15 can not be resolved, and the failure continues to occur in some transactions.

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Details are as below.
Mizuho Bank

According to the official page of Mizuho Bank, as of 9th March, 17th March, the fact that ATM is not available is posted.

In addition, the system failure occurred on March 15 occurred on the 16th, and transactions such as domestic exchange (transfer), foreign exchange etc. which had not been processed on the 15th (about 380 thousand domestic exchange, About 490 billion yen in value), it was not able to complete the procedure within the 16th day, and transactions such as domestic currency exchange (transfer), foreign currency exchange and the like carried out on the 16th (about 60,000 domestic currency exchange, amount of about 800 Billions of yen) is also unprocessed.

According to NHK news, etc., it is said that not only Mizuho Bank's ATM, but also convenience store ATMs that are affiliated with the bank are unavailable.

ATM stops at all Mizuho Bank stores NHK News

Mizuho Bank's ATM, all over the country stop: economic news: money · economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

· 2011/03/17 11:32 Addendum
The official page of Mizuho Bank has been updated and it is a situation where you can not use online banking "Mizuho Direct" as well as balance inquiries as well as "online transaction at branch office", "ATM deposit, withdrawal, transfer" Has been added.

· 2011/03/17 11:41 additional note
It was reported on the preliminary report of NHK News that Mizuho Bank's ATM was restored at all stores.

NHK News

· 2011/03/17 17:56 Addendum
According to NHK news, it seems that the ATMs of Mizuho Bank which had recovered all ceased all again.

· Additional information on 2011/03/17 18: 04
The news video looks like this.

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