Dealers who purchased 18,803 comics on the sales of stimulant drugs, to be forfeited by the collection

ByTerry McCombs

Money LaunderingAlthough it seems that there are various methods also (money washing), a dealer who was supposed to have applied funds obtained by the stimulant drug trade to purchase a large amount of rare comic books was arrested and it seems that the total amount is nearly 50 million yen It seems that the 18,083 comics that will be confiscated will be confiscated.

Details are as below.Accused Metha Dealer Faces Loss Of His Beloved 18, 753 Comic Books | The Smoking Gun

We conduct large-scale stimulant trading in Denver, ColoradoArrested in August 2009Brothers Castro of Aaron and Alfonzo were supposed to have purchased a large amount of high-priced first-edition comic books with funds obtained from stimulant drug transactions, and there was no evidence of selling these comics, but fund washing through comics It is considered to have tried. The comics seems to be worth about 18 million books, about 50 million dollars (about 41.2 million yen), and there were some expensive items like $ 3500 (about 290,000 yen) in one book.

Aaron Castro (30 years old)

The Federal Prosecution asked the Federal District Court for confiscation of these comic books on March 2, 2011 and as proof that the comic was purchased with the benefits gained from the stimulant transactions, under the Castro brothers The testimonial of the terminal dealer who was selling the stimulant is added.

Lonna Gwinn, one of the dealers who testified, met with Aaron at the comic store, handed over the sales of the stimulant and said that he saw that Aaron bought a box full of comics and said, "Aaron got the money he got with drugs It seemed that money was beginning to get in trouble because I was in a comic book. " Another dealer also said that he had helped the Brothers of Castro organize comics after testifying that the purchase fund of comics was earnings obtained with stimulant drugs.

Although they are Castro brothers who were "troubled with money by buying comics too much", it is said that they have not found the evidence that they were selling comics, so they bought comics for washing money or buy comics Perhaps they were selling stimulant drugs to them, or they might have been in a state they did not understand.

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