When a 14-year-old girl gets to see it in real with a boyfriend I like on the net, all the collapse begins ... Movie "Trust" trailer movie

14-year-old girl Annie met a 16-year-old boy Charlie as a new friend in a volleyball chat room, chatting online for about a few weeks, exchanging pictures, while communicating with a cell phone It gets crazy and fascinated, and at last it will meet in person. But what appeared there was not Charlie who knows online, but a completely different older man. And all the families who have protected her have collapsed ... ... It is quite lively and seems like it actually is. The girl who was the target of people who sexually exploit minors online and their families The story of "Trust"is.

The replay of the trailer, which has become a realistic deployment easily, is from the following.
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A peaceful family in the suburbs

In the midst of my birthday party

The appearance of personal computers and the net changed the way we work

And changed the way to communicate

Where you see pictures of Charlie Annie met on the net

Annie is also a member of the volleyball club as well as Charlie

Sending my own picture to the other party and having fun talking on the net

Step by step, Annie is crazy about Charlie, and the griny does not stop.

The net connects each other

When Annie is playing the net, a message from Charlie.

"I think, we should actually see you!"

Looking back and confirming that my parents have not seen ... ....

Press Enter to reply

Finally I decided to meet Charlie.

"Where are you?"

However, what appeared was a man older than her. "Hey, I am Charlie,"

And the accumulated trust is going to break down

Know the fact that Annie was only targeted as sexual target

In addition, the fact that we received sexual assault is brought to my friends, furthermore the school knows, and I am in the police situation.

Famous classmates shooting Annie on a smartphone to be taken to the police for circumstances to hear

Encounter with a counselor

Discover all things up to now to my parents

A father who begins embracing revenge

Annie getting despised

A family that collapses

My father no longer trusts her daughter looks at her daughter's smartphone

And ...

In addition, another early trailer released in 2010 also makes us feel pretty spectacular development.

YouTube - Trust (2010) Trailer

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