"Candy for 60 minutes" that can continue licking for about an hour all the time, the fisherman's nutrition supply

If you eat candy while you study or work it will distract your mouthfulness, but it gets melted away so much in 10 minutes. Even so for ordinary people it is okay enough,FOODEX JAPAN 2011At the request was made by a fisherman who could not eat and drink for a long time, a durable extremely high "60 minutes candy" was on display.

As its name suggests, it is possible to roll in the mouth for 60 minutes. Not to mention fishermen, it is useful for those who want to focus on work for a long time.

The details of "60 minutes candy" is from the following.Compaito kingdom Manufacturer of confectionery such as Competito · Marble "Talka" Osaka Junka Co., Ltd.

Arrived at the booth of Osaka Gakugan.

It was "60-minute candy" that was hanging around in that corner.

Two kinds of taste, soda flavor and lemon flavor. Originally it seems that it was a simple thing with neither a bar nor a flavor, but when selling it for the general, it seems that it was made into a candy for a child to make it easier for a child to eat.

A straightforward naming and a simple package are impressive.

I got one from the staff in charge of the booth because I was watching too much.

If it is an ordinary candy, it will be possible to continue licking for 60 minutes, where it will melt in a few minutes to 10 minutes. It is convinced to the phrase "Japan's long-lasting" written on the package. Originally made for fishermen who climb in Hokkaido, it was developed from the request that we want energy sources that can withstand long-term use because we can not eat and drink from the pole while fishing It was.

In addition to granulated sugar, cornstarch, gum Arabic, beeswax,Pull runThere are things such as candy which are not used so much, and seems to use all kinds of means to harden the candy in a rut.

When I tried it, I do not have the taste of lemon very much, just the sweetness of honey spreads in my mouth. Only the surface is yellow and the inside is white. As for how sweet it is,Candy syrup including honeyIt is too cold. And since it is extremely hard and warning sentences are written in the package saying "Please be chewy instead of chewing so hard" it seems better to keep licking obediently.

Also, although it is the duration of an amusing anxiety, if you focus on licking by rotating a stick or the like, you can eat it in about 40 minutes. However, when moving the shaft too much, it is better to throw away into the mouth because the paper shaft comes undone and falls into the mouth unduly. Even though I concentrated on licking, it was hard to melt, so if you were concentrating on work while including it in your mouth it might take over 60 minutes to eat.

"60 minutes candy" is affordable with 105 yen (tax included) per one.Osaka Confectionary Internet Shop "Competito Museum"Because mail order is also possible at that time, please introduce those who want to devote to some work for a long time to that companion.

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