Extremely thick noodle of squeaking cold grade, "Sapporo No. 1 noodle no. Baku no Naka Japanese style pork bone soy sauce ramen" Tasting review

Sayo food "Sapporo No.1 noodle banbun no baku no rumen rich Japanese style pork bone soy sauce ramen" had a different appearance at convenience stores, so I bought it and ate it eating.

"Super wide-width non-fried noodles" are characterized, and the soup is a rich pork bone soy sauce that added fish-based soup stock, so it seemed quite a bit disgusting eating response. Although it seems that products specialized in the thickness of noodles are seen, flat noodles seem to be quite rare, but what kind of taste is it all in taste?

The impression of taste is from the following.Sapporo No. 1 | Product Information - Sapporo No. 1 Noodle Bancho Baku no Naka Naka Japanese Style Pork Bone Soy Sauce Ramen

"Sapporo Ichiban Noodle Bancho Baku no Naku Noodle Japanese Pork Bone Soy Sauce Ramen" (238 yen including tax)

There is "thick ramen of pork bone soy sauce soup with seafood".

In the middle of the package, "Ultra Wide Noodle" which is the biggest feature is largely decorated.

Raw material name is like this. There are things that are likely to become the essential taste of soup, such as lard and bone powder.

490 kcal per serving

When I opened the inside, it was cool from the left, after all, it was followed by a liquid soup, and a special soup (powder) was contained in it.

Before returning with hot water, you can see that noodles are clearly different from common cup noodles.

Put in a cup, put hot water, put the liquid soup on the lid and wait for 5 minutes.

Put the liquid soup and powder soup in it, stir it, sprinkle it afterwards and finish it.

After all, plenty of what seems to be fishmeal are plentiful. And again the noodles are extraordinarily wide. It looks more like crispy than ramen.

Chashaue is a very common thin thing.

The width of the noodle is too wide to recognize it, but this is Menma.

Widespread noodles have thickness, pastaFettuccineVery close to eating texture. The soup has a strong taste of soy sauce and it has a considerably sharp taste as fish meal is added to it, so the taste will be good at noodles. However, the pork bones soup richness is being swept away by the soy sauce and I felt a bit salty when drinking with soup alone, so I personally wanted soup to make use of a little more soup.

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