An unusual flock of fish that may be a Russian winter snack

YesterdayHeavy snow nationwide, And the transport network got paralyzed in various places, injuries came out, and the life was greatly influenced.

However, in Russia, which is exposed to more severe cold waves than in Japan, the cold seems to affect the ecosystem as well, and the fish inhabiting the ponds of Russia's city · St. Petersburg are making unusual flocks to survive . But there are also somewhat sad reality that their desperate actions may shorten their lives instead.

Pictures of a tremendous number of fish flocking from below.External page - 2 leep

Looking up at the water from the bottom of the pond, there are numerous fish shadows.

During the winter, the pond is closed by ice and oxygen in the water becomes thin, so it seems that fish jumps to us in order to breathe in the crack of ice.

Fish are gathered tightly in a large hole thought to have been opened for swimming in the cold.GonzuiThere is something close to "Gonzui Jade" which is created by denseness.

Although it is not feeding, it seems to be a bit surprised if fish concentrates so much on the point where I peeped in ... ...

There is a woman who is trying to swim in the cold by entering a pond where there is such a fish, but it is quite a challenger.

Although it is desperate action of fish, it seems that there is also a dilemma that the shadow made by them interrupts the sunshine which should arrive at the alga in the pond and the oxygen concentration in water decreases more and more. It is a tough story, but I hope that the ice will melt as soon as spring comes.

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