An adorable picture of Polar bear playing with a large ship and rolling over ice

It lives only around the Arctic, and as a threatened wildlifeRed ListIt is also registeredPolar bear (polar bear). It is various photographs that the polar bear punctures meat balls on a large ship and is stupid with rustling and lying on ice.

Polar bear has a terrible image because of its large size, but if you look at how you are playing so far, you can feel very relaxed.

Details are as below.
Polar bear comes in for a closer look at a ship in Spitsbergen, the Svalbard Archipelago, Norway - Telegraph

This is a picture of that polar bear. It was taken in the vicinity of Spitsbergen, the largest island of the Norwegian territory of Svalbard. It is kind of relaxing appearance.

I touch the ship, but are not you afraid of big ships?

I am definitely relaxing with a big ship in front.

Pretending to be dead?

The moment the eyes met with a large number of tourists.

Polar bears looking up at the leaving ship. What exactly are you looking up at?

Looking from the top like this

By the way this is the ship that the polar bear was stunned. It seems to be surprisingly big for human beings when looking at close-up, apparently that polar bear seems to have an unmistakable chest.

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