A movie capturing the moment when Manta fly in the sky

That manta swimming like flying in the sea is dancing in the air. It is a body that is about to fly in the sky, but I did not expect it to fly.

Details are as follows.
You can see the picture of Manta jumping from the link

The Flying Mobulas of the Sea of ​​Cortez

It looks like a flapping movement when you see it in a movie.
YouTube - manta ray jumps

Manta fly around here and there.
YouTube - Flying manta rays

The following is detailed about Manta.

Manta Ray FAQ

There seems to be various theories that the reason to jump up from the sea surface is to escape from the natural enemies, to shake off parasitic animals, and to communicate with the sound of watering.

Huge manta with option.
YouTube - Friendly manta waits for diver to play up close & personal

A flock of manta. It is quite scary when it is full.
YouTube - Mobulas

A group of huge mantas.
YouTube - Manta ray dance

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