60 people a year for a family of 4? The cost of missing socks can not be changed

Did it get hurt by the wind or hidden by the dog or was it stolen by the fairy ...... who have surely had socks that were supposed to have both feet when wearing, experienced that one leg disappears when washing it There should not be few. If it is not a coin-operated laundry, it may only give up, but even when you find it from a lot of places, such as under a bed or a cushion on a sofa at home, you do not even know where you put the other There are many.

The fact that socks are missing seems to be a universal phenomenon, and in the survey conducted in the UK it is clear that some people lose 15 legs a year. If 4 people are family, 60 feet per year, 200 yen for 3 pairs 1000 yen, 60,000 yen for 1 pair 1,000 yen socks, it seems that the blow that missing socks give to households can hardly change.

Details are as below.Do not mock the missing sock: Lost laundry costs £ 240 a year | Mail Online

According to a study conducted on 1,500 British people, it seems that most of those who lose their socks reported that they were missing during laundry. It is not only bisection three socks, but also expensive and bulky ski socks and football socks are gone as well as regular thin socks.

Especially the socks of young men aged between 14 and 25 are most frequently missing, 82% of men in this age confess that they sometimes wear different socks once a week. On the contrary, women of the same age rarely lose socks, it seems that only 21% answered that socks are missing on a daily basis.

Also, in the UK somehow men in the northern part are particularly prone to losing their socks, 67% announcing that up to 15 pairs of men will be missing annually.

In terms of color, black socks tend to be most missing, 78% of respondents answered "Black socks are most dangerous when finding a pair after washing."

If you choose as colorful and conspicuous socks as possible from everyday, the frequency of missing may decrease.

"Where socks disappear is one of the big mysteries in life", it seems that the launch experts who conducted the survey do not know the way the socks disappeared, but as a measure , It seems to be good to prepare a basket or the like to put together all the remaining socks after washing, as it is when the missing socks are found.

In addition, we purchase the socks of the same type and color all together, and we wear the same socks 365 days "OshkakanIf you live a life like ", you do not need to match a pair of socks after washing, even if one foot disappears one side is not wasted.

Or maybe you will not be guilty of "Do you lose one sock?" If you go through the principle of socking both feet apart from everyday.

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