89.2% have "ordinary pillow", 8.4% "pillow pillow"

It seems that 89.2% have "ordinary pillow", 8.4% "pillow pillow", 7.0% "pillow / glacier", 4.8% "pillow pillow" and 3.3% "air pillow".

And about 40% of the pillow cover washing frequency is said to be "once a week" ....

Other details are as follows.
Questionnaire on DIMSDRIVE "Pillow" of Net Research 【Timely Research by Original Research Market Research DIMSDRIVE】

27.8% seems to be "not sleep well" as a young young person who is a recent young man, and there are many "home centers" and "supermarkets" where pillows are purchased, and 5.1% who purchased pillow by measuring the body size , 30% or more purchased "do nothing".

So, 54.4% of the people said that the pillow "suits me" half. There are more than 20% who do not know whether the current pillow meets him or her, and 62.8% of women in their 40s answered that sleepiness was affected by the pillow of a travel destination.

By the way, I use it as a pillow as it is without holding a pillow, do not you think that the person who took it afterwards is sleepy?

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