The most used convenience store ATM is "Seven Eleven" 81.7%

People who used ATM at convenience stores account for 60%, and the convenience store ATM that uses the most is Seven Eleven. Lawson in second place, am / pm in third place, Family mart in fourth place.

At the convenience store ATM, the financial institution that uses it is "Internet bank" 30%. This is because there is not much choice other than convenience store ATM.

So the other detailed results are as follows.
ATM survey result of convenience store / latest research result by DIMSDRIVE original open questionnaire 【DIMSDRIVE】

Convenience store ATM has advantages such as "close", "time when bank is not open", and "it will be saved in case of emergency", and when using ATM, "Convenience ATM" is more than 30% once in 2 times .
However, dissatisfaction is still "fee high", and in fact it is over 50%. In addition, "It seems to be visible to the surrounding customers" "Security anxiety" is over 30%.

Another interesting thing is that according to the free reply in "Others" of dissatisfaction point, there was "2,000 yen bills come out". I have not seen it for about a year or so, but where is the convenience store ATM 2,000 yen bill will come out ... ?.

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