More than 10% of those who said they will not come out this summer bonus of last summer

According to a survey of Rakuten Research bonuses, there were more than 10% of those who had a bonus this year that was a year ago So this year there seems to be a situation in which the number of people who are fascinated by the pocket increases.

Details are as below.
Last summer bonus, "There is no plan to be provided" expands compared to the winter bonus of 11.6% | Domestic survey 【Rakuten Research of market research · Internet research】

According to Rakuten Research, we conducted an internet survey on summer bonuses to 1250 people aged 20 to 69 from among research registration monitors, "I got a bonus last summer bonus, but this year will be paid There seems to be 11.6% who answered "No".

By the way, 62.8% of respondents said that they are planned to be paid, 13.8% who do not know whether they will be paid. 45.4% answered "expected to decrease" the prospective payment amount of those who answered "to be paid" and 7.5% said "it is likely to increase".

The most frequent answers with concrete increment / decrement contents are "11.0%" likely to decrease in the range of 50,000 yen or more and less than 100,000 yen ".

The top use of summer bonus is "savings" 36.4%. Then, "travel · leisure" 23.2%, "loan / debt repayment" 21.8%, "living expenses compensation" 18.3%, "shopping" 17.7%, and "travel · leisure" is popular as usage other than daily life and cash flow It seems to be.

Usage of this summer bonus.

Although the eco point system to encourage the purchase of energy-saving home appliances was introduced, there are not so many people who use summer bonuses for home appliances because of their unknown use yet, and few people turn to food and drink or hobbyist It is becoming.Half of the major companies believe economic recovery will be in the coming yearsThat's right, when will the actual recovery take place?

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