More than half of businessmen want to buy sleep for 1 hour 2500 yen


"Comfort HotelAccording to the survey by Choice Hotels Japan, many businessmen are suffering from insufficient sleeping time and it turns out that more than half of people think that they want to buy sleeping time even if they pay money It was. The average amount is 2500 yen per hour, and when calculated from the average monthly salary, it is almost equivalent to hourly wage.

The surprising ally of contemporary businessmen who are suffering from sleep deprivation is business trip - 1st place of choosing business hotels "Sleeping environment" - | Press release distribution service 【@ Press: At Press】

This survey was conducted by Choice Hotels Japan, targeting 500 male businessmen in their 20s to 40s. People to be surveyed go on a business trip within 3 months.

According to the survey, 22% of respondents were able to secure sleeping time, while overwhelmingly 77% of those who were not able to sleep. As reasons why sleeping time can not be secured, such as "busy (73%)", "giving priority to hobbies (33%)", "poor sleeping (23%)" and "pillow not fitting (14% It was.

When I asked a person who did not have enough sleep time "I want to buy sleeping time even if I pay money?", More than half of 55% answered "I would like to buy". The average price was 2577 yen per hour. By the way, the average monthly salary of those who were the subject of survey was 371,000 yen. If you go to work on Monday 20th and convert it as being working for 8 hours, the hourly wage will be 2319 yen, so you will be thinking about buying sleeping time even if it is an amount equivalent to salary. The longer hours worked, the lower the hourly wage after conversion, so it can be said that you feel that you need sleeping as much.

ByEmiliocheng 2006

61% answered "on business trip" to the question "Which is easier to secure sleeping time when you are on a business trip and when you have work as usual?" It is cited as reason why work can be rounded up faster than usual, that commuting time runs out and can be relaxed in the morning, no family service is needed. Some people said that they had solved their usual sleep deprivation while they were on a business trip or because they were tired when on a business trip, they had a bad opinion that they would not have a body if they did not sleep. For that reason, it is 97% that the important thing in choosing a business hotel is "a comfortable sleeping environment" is that it is more important than location and price etc.

ByDr. Nanomiya

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