FamilyMart's "My Eclair" was more than the price taste

FamilyMart released on January 25 "My Eclair"ofDelivery is delayed at some stores due to lack of production, and situations have occurred in which shops are also in short supplyYes, by chance happening to the neighborhood Family Mart, there were only two stocks, so I bought it immediately.

This Eclair, which adds custard cream and chocolate whipped cream to the cocoa-taste Eclair dough coated with bitter chocolate and contains crushed almond chocolate in it, the standard product "W Cream EclairThe manly size is about 1.5 times the size of the man.

Therefore, the detail of "my Eclair" which is short of money is from the following.My Eclair | Sweets + | Product Information | FamilyMart

This is "my eclair". I feel masculine from fonts and colors.

Eating while keeping the three guesses seems to be a correct way of doing things.

Three kinds of chocolate are combined with custard cream.

The calorie per piece is 512 Kcal, it is really manly finish.

Raw material name.

We prepared "W Cream Eclair" for comparison.

Here is 284 Kcal with 1 piece. There is only about half of "my Eclair".

Raw material name is like this.

I took out my "Eclair" from the bag. It is strictly wrapped with a sheet so that a large amount of cream will not collapse.

When I take it out to a plate, I feel somewhere from the amount of cream and the color of bitter chocolate.

One "W cream eclair" is also a tremendous amount of cream.

I cut my "Eclair" sideways. You can check crushed almonds.

"W cream eculea" is smaller than the amount of cream.

I put them side by side.

Looking from above it looks like this.

I ate "my Eclair". Since a lot of creams are modest in sweetness, they can survive unexpectedly to eat and have a smooth mouthfeel. By incorporating cocoa into the fabric, a bitter aroma is born and the flavor of chocolate is more felt. It is a good impression that things under the chocolate whip of reasonable sweetness are not mere whipping cream and custard cream.

And while bitter chocolate collectively tastes good flavor, crush almonds' tooth touch is a good accent and it is quite an eating response. Because it is not too sweet overall, it is easier for men to eat, and the volume is finished in a batch-wise Eclair. It is not an exaggeration to say that 230 yen is an exception here. If you like Eclair, you might as well buy it when you see it.

By the way, "My Tiramisu" was also put together so I bought it.

MascarponeThe smell and taste are weak and the sponge does not smell espresso, so it is more like a fluffy Bavarian than a tiramisu or a pale pure taste. Because the taste is extremely mild, rather than saying "I" rather than "I'm a tiramisu of me", only the volume surely overflows with masculinity. However, it is a fact that it is a bit hard to eat this amount alone.

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