Thin color keyboard "Excellio (Excellio) Lite Dream" that you want to say "Do not run away"

It corresponds to every smartphoneExternal battery of large capacity · high output "PowerBank slim 3.0"A new color appeared in the series "Excellio Lite", a full-scale thin keyboard provided by Dietech familiar with personal computers and peripheral devices for mobile terminals.

It is unusual coloring on the keyboard that I want to say "I can not get away" unexpectedly.

Details are as below.
This is the new color "Excellio Lite Dream" of the thin keyboard "Excellio Lite" series. In addition to achieving high durability by adopting the pantograph key, the same keyboard series also adopts a 1 mm thick zinc processed steel plate on the foundation that supports the key, it catches the force from the fingers at typing and bounces without imposing a burden It is a big feature that rhythmically crisp typing is possible.

Innovative coloring of the printing of yellow green light on the key top of violet. In addition, the color scheme is the opposite of the direction key.

Adopted a tilt stand with rubber that is hard to slip on the bottom.

Adopt blue LED for light.

Even so, it is coloring like Eva's first machine.

In addition, the release date is February 3 (Thursday) and the shop front anticipated price is 4980 yen.

The Diatech Official Website is below.


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