Firefox add-on "Destroy the Web" destroying the page looking like a shooting game and scored points

If troublesome jobs and paperwork do not end indefinitely, it may be driven by the urge to wander down and throw the documents in front of the eyes, but in the case of Web pages they can not be rolled and discarded To those who say that it is more frustrating"Destroy the Web"It may help to relieve stress.

The function of this Firefox add-on is to change the page currently being viewed into a shooting game by one button. Each component of the page becomes the target, the score changes according to the parts, and if you destroy it in succession, the combos will be connected and the score that can be obtained in multiples will increase. In addition to simply destroying pages, it has become a full-fledged game that you can score points and compete with users all over the world.

The method of adding add-ons of "Destroy the Web" and the way I actually played it are from the following.Destroy the Web, one page at a time!

Click "Install" on the above page.

Click "Destroy the Web". Those who do not have Firefox installed can download from "Firefox 3.5" above.

Click "Continue to Download".

Click "Add to Firefox".

Click "Install now".

If you click "Restart Firefox", the Firefox window will close and restart once.

Then, the icon of "Destroy the Web" is added to the navigation toolbar, so click on it.

When you play for the first time, you will ask whether to confirm the rules of the game like this, so let's click on "OK" to see.

The time limit is 30 seconds. Elements such as divs and tables in the displayed page can not be destroyed without destroying surface elements such as images and texts contained in them. Also, if you destroy elements of the same type continuously, combo points will be added. If you make a mistake, you will score a score of 5 points, clearing the game without making a mistake or destroying all the elements of the page will significantly add points, so this is not a place to show your arms.

It looks like I actually played. I tried to destroy the Firefox start page.

When the game is over, scores and breakdowns are displayed like this. Let's register the score by clicking "Submit Score".

Set player name and password, and click "Submit Score".

If you do not worry about forgetting your password, you can skip by clicking "No thanks, I will not forget my password, promise!"

Your score will be recorded on "Leaderboards" in the "Destroy the Web" page. On the Firefox start page, the top is 12,700 points, and if you ride the 2000 point number, it seems to be able to dig into the top.

Although I played on a simple start page this time, if it is a page with many components, I can decide a lot of combos and may be able to enjoy a more heated game. It seems interesting to score points with friends on the same page.

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