Movie review of hasty movie review of "IS 05" actual machine, slimmer behavior than conventional model

Photo review that we deliveredFollowing on, KDDI will deliver a movie review of "IS 05" for the first time at the spring model exhibition event that KDDI showed off today.

"IS 05" isAcceleration of CPU is being studiedAccording to the explanatory staff, the model exhibited this time is actually a model in which the CPU has been speeded up,Operating speed is greatly improved Android 2.2Combined with this, it achieves faster operation than the conventional model.

* 21: 47 added about the CPU.

Details are as below.
First of all, I shoot with IS05's 8 million pixel camera. Despite shooting in 8M size, the response is not bad.

YouTube - I tried shooting with IS 05 camera

I took a picture taken at the gallery. I think that it takes time because the image size is large, and you can switch the photos comfortably more than you thought.

I took a picture taken with YouTube - IS 05 in the gallery

The response on the menu screen looks something like this. It was the impression that IS03, etc. works as "millet acts", but the expression "moving slimy" which goes one step further will be comfortable.

YouTube - Response of the menu screen of IS 05

Next letter input. Like IS03, it supports flick input.

Character input with IS05

I tried using Google Maps. It is a pity that the download of map data can not catch up as soon as scrolling, but in particular the scroll itself does not get stuck.

YouTube - I tried using Google Maps on IS05

In addition, the one reviewed this time is only a prototype machine, according to KDDI spokeswoman "It is in the process of improving response more toward commercializationThat thing.

Incidentally"IS03" also did not work so comfortably at the stage of prototypeNevertheless, as the product version realized the behavior that made it crispy, it seems that the speed of exercise will be more improved as "IS 05" will be developed further in the future. Therefore, I would like to expect from the response at the time of commercialization.

The official site of "IS05" is below.

IS05 | Smartphone | au by KDDI

· 21: 47 additional recording
As for the CPU installed in "IS 05" exhibited at today's event, the reader gave me a query saying "It is not 800 MHz", but once again confirmed by KDDI spokeswoman, "1 GHz It is an answer that we have things ".

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