I tried serious scrolling with an impossible high-speed response, "Galaxy S II"

At the present Samsung's latest global model briefing held today, the company'sThe latest terminal "Galaxy S II"As I was able to touch the real machine, I will deliver the movie review.

It is Android 2.3 smartphone "Galaxy S II" which is said to have improved performance with a dual core CPU driven at 1.2 GHz, but when I tried seriously scrolling, I realized an unlikely response.

Details are as below.
First of all, I got the desktop screen to scroll seriously. I move fingers at high speed, but it is amazing that it is attached to the movement of fingers.

YouTube - Scroll through the "Galaxy S II" desktop screen at high speed

Scrolling the menu screen is also fast, of course. People who had the impression that "the menu screen of the smartphone is caught in the scroll" may be a good opportunity to change the idea.

YouTube - Scroll through the "Galaxy S II" menu screen

By the way, the "GALAXY S II" which was exhibited this time was a global model, it was impossible to experience the service using communication because the SIM card was not included, but this response is certainly surprising so.

The model exhibited this time is "prototype" to the last, and since the number of operation clocks of the installed CPU was 1 GHz, further improvement in speed can be expected in the product version equipped with the 1.2 GHz drive CPU It seems.

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