"Mega Negiro don bowl" tasting review as if a hamburger steak is on board

Chain store specializing in seafood bowl "The dragonFrom "NegiriroIs twice as much as usual · The rice is seriousMega Negiro rice bowl"Appeared for a limited time, so I went to eat at once.

The so-called mega prime menu has ever been cooked with various genres of cuisine, and even there seems to have already been exhausted, but "Negiro donburu" is rare, so it has a fresh impression. Also, "Negiro don bowl" is just a signboard menu of "The Doll", it is a place to wonder what kind of finish it is.

Details of "Mega Negiro don" are from the following.Limited Time Item | Menu Introduction | The Don

Arrived at "The Dragon". By the way it seems that there are many stores in Kinki district.

"Mega Negiro don bowl" is on the bottom of the poster "Spring big tiger tuna festival". Apparently it looks like it is right.

This time I ordered "Shell juice set of Mega Negiro don bowl". A total of 1090 yen.

After a while "Mega Negiro don bowl milk set" appeared. Because it is "mega", although prepared to prepare for extreme things to come out, it is not bigger than imagined.

Two items like 'hamburger steak' before baking are on board. Apparently this is a screech.

Garnished raw grated wasabi. Mix with soy sauce in this small dish.

Shell juice was well fitted.

There are also Chinese cabbage pickles.

Try looking at Negiro again, you will find that it is well-knitted and has become a solid paste.

I tried eating with wasabi oil. The Negiri section is a tight and strong oil, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is creamy. However, the taste is never strong, and the ingredients are monotonous as it is a simple composition of rice with Negiro, green onion and rice only. In addition, although Negiriro is in large quantity, onega and Nori are not changed as usual, so the balance is bad and you may get bored if you do not like the Negiriro. I felt like the texture of the texture looks a bit like butter but oil because it is being cooked with soy sauce to a fairly greasy one. When considering the price of 920 yen separately, it is expensive impression.

Incidentally calorie is 708 Kcal with a bowl of bowl, "Heated mega" is not so high. It seems that there are not many opportunities to eat so many large eggs, so why do not you try challenging a person who loves Negiri.

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