A site declaring that "It is now possible to operate a Majikon in Nintendo 3DS" appeared

Toward the release date of February 26 (Saturday)Nintendo's latest handheld game machine "Nintendo 3DS" at which the reservation reception is about to beginHowever, a mysterious site that declares that it succeeded to make the device called "Majikon" work on Nintendo 3DS that can run copied software etc. has appeared.

※ 19: 14 added that the content of the WEB page was replaced with a malicious mischief FLASH (with loud volume) to surprise the user.

Details are as below.
This is that site. Currently there are only Russian sentences on the top page, especially content is not posted.

(Because it has been replaced with a malicious mischief FLASH of a loud volume to surprise users, browsing attention) Home-HandHeldSources
(Web pioneering)

According to the sentences written on the top page, although details can not be announced due to the possibility of changing specifications to Nintendo, analysis has already been completed by acquiring the prototype of Nintendo 3DS, and in one week from the launch, It seems that the game is scheduled to move.

By the way, although it is the domain called "pspds.net", when you search Google, you can see that it was used as a place to store PDF files with a remodeling method on the page that explains the remodeling of the Xbox 360 body in the past I will.

(Google Cash)Hacking the xbox 360 part 1 - XViDSPOT

This is the link part to "pspds.net". This post itself seems to have been done in 2007.

HoweverCheck the domain information of "pspds.net"If you look at it, this domain is said to have been made on 30th December 2010, past domain owners and current domain owners may have different possibilities as well as using GMO Internet services I understand that.

Although it is unknown who used this site for what purpose, is it actually the Nintendo 3DS Majikon appearing? If it really comes up, as with the previous Nintendo DS series, it is likely that endless pathograms will continue.

· 19:14 postscript
According to the story from the reader, attention is necessary for browsing as 19: 14 as the web page has been replaced with malicious mischievous loud volume FLASH to surprise the user.

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