Practicality sufficient, Super Nintendo is remodeled to small desktop personal computer

Nintendo's home game machine released in 1990 "Super Famicom"There seems to be a fiercer who has remodeled it into a small desktop computer.

In addition to making the cartridge an optical drive, full-scale remodeling such as installing a communication function such as wireless LAN has been added, and how it is actually being sold.

Details are as below.
Asobitech - the Science of Play

According to this page, it replaces the contents of the Nintendo's Super Nintendo with the parts of the notebook computer, and seems to have modified it to a small desktop computer.

Also, by modifying the cartridge part to a DVD-RW drive, we made it possible to eject the disc by using the eject button, we installed a web camera by drilling a small hole in the front part of the cartridge, It also supports communication functions such as Bluetooth.

Super Nintendo based on this

We will use parts that decomposed Acer's low-cost mini-note "Aspire One".

A state of remodeling

Modified the controller cable to USB cable

The finish is like this.

It has display output, LAN connector, USB port, power port etc. on the back.

Akihabara 's T - ZONE. PC DIY SHOP remodeled Super Nintendo, etc equipped with 1 GHz VIA C 3 processor and 120 GB HDDI was exhibiting a personal computer called "Super Nintendo Kai"However, the model created this time is based on "Aspire One" equipped with 1.6 GHz Atom processor etc, so it seems to be more functional.

In addition, this personal computer has been exhibited at the auction site "eBay", and as of June 24th at 11:30, it has a value of 350 pounds (about 50,860 yen).

AaSNES 1 SNES Super Nintendo PC Case mod + DVDRW drive on eBay (end time 28 - Jun - 09 08: 21: 20 BST)

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