The second bullet of that aluminum cooling table "Suko Tan."

I also covered it in GIGAZINE previouslyIt seems that it was decided that the second bullet of "Suko Tan." Which effectively cools the temperature of game machines and notebook PCs was decided. Naming it "Suko tongue. Absolute region (temporary)That thing.

What on earth will it be?

Details are as below.
According to Maldais who is releasing "Suko Tan.", It seems that he tried to make a new version of "Suko Tan." In response to many requests before. It seems that you can not publish pictures yet, but the product name is "Suko tongue. Absolute region (temporary)That thing.

In addition, although information is not yet posted on the official page, it seems that the release date is scheduled around December 15th.

Pure aluminum smoked pot

By the way, the following link is detailed about "absolute area".

Absolute area - Wikipedia

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