Finally the second series "Suko Tan, absolute area" took off the veil

Aluminum Cooling Stand the other day "Suko tongue.Second bullet"Suko Tan, absolute area"We announced that it will be released, but the identity has finally become clear.

The design of the shock of "Suko Tan. Absolute area" is from the following.
Pure aluminum aluminum plate. Order form

According to this page the design of "Suko Tan. Absolute area" looks something like this. The size is the same as before, the price is 2300 yen including tax.

Surely there is a space that exists between the skirt and over knee socks "Absolute areaAlthough it is, I feel that it seems to be very useless, is not this ...?

IncidentallyAccording to Wikipedia"Absolute area" means that Banpresto is applying for trademark registration.

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