I tried a slightly milky and fruity "white Mitsuya Cider red apple & green apple"

Mitsuya CiderSpeaking of which is a large long seller that has been drunk for 127 years, a new flavor has also appeared regularly. RecentlyDomestically produced Wenzhou orangesYaSetonai lemonWe are releasing fruit-based flavor such as fruit flavor, but is this flow? This new work is "White Mitsuya Cider Red Apple & Blue Apples".

It is an appearance of timeless appearance, whitishness reminiscent of snow, but this is because we are using renowned milk from Hokkaido. It seems that the taste seems to be quite different from ordinary Mitsuya cider. Let's compare drinking immediately.

The tasting review is from the following.White Mitsuya Cider red apple & green apple | Mitsuya Cider | carbonated drinks | product information | Asahi Beverage

This is "White Mitsuya Cider Red Apple & Blue Apple". There are many apples on the white background.

When ordered with ordinary Mitsuya Cider, the liquid color is quite dark.

He said he was using goodwill from Hokkaido.

Raw material names etc are like this.

By the way this is the raw material name of Mitsuya Cider.

It is 48 Kcal per 100 ml, so if you drink a whole round it is 240 Kcal.

Mitsuya Cider seems to have a slightly lower calorie.

Fruit juice is 1%. It seems that you are stuck with water, fragrance, and brine.

This case is Mitsuya Cider. It was water, fragrance, recipe.

Because it looks like a drooled milk drink, there is a note of "Please open without shaking".

I poured it into the glass. It looks like it is going to be mistaken for Calpis. Mixed with Mitsuya Cider and Calpis it smells like apples on board. When I drink it, an artificial fruit feeling spreads from the moment I put it in my mouth and a fresh impression. Carbonic acid is not so strong, I will shower in the mouth after swallowing. The sweetness is moderately moderate and milky and there seems to be a style like drinking chibi. In other words, it seems Calpis Soda is closest.

Against Mitsuya Cider. It makes me realize again the fact that it is very transparent. When I compared drinking, first I was surprised by the strength of carbonic acid. Therefore refreshing feeling is by far the way above. I feel like getting excited about the nods and I want to drink gokogoku. It is a perfection degree of just like a large long seller.

Despite the sign of the same "Mitsuya Cider", the direction of the taste was quite different. It may be more suitable for people who like Calpis Soda rather than the usual Mitsuya Cider lovers.

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