Naked Housekeeper assassinates customers, asserting legitimate defense

ByF. Tronchin

Housekeeper, who had been serving to clean the customer's residence naked, was charged with suspected killing one of his customers in the New York in 2001 with a knife.

The house keeper insists that killing is admitted but it is legitimate defense and said that he was about to be attacked by a customer who can not stand patience because my ass is too attractive.

Details are as below.Nude housekeeper on trial for murdering paralegal for getting 'too rough' during steamy tryst

Thomas Cordero (41), a resident of the Bronx, is adult siteRentboy.comMr. John Conley (then 50 years old) as a lawyer assistant as "Nude Housekeeper" through, through the Bronx section on October 6, 2001EastchesterI cleaned the room in the apartment naked.

However, Mr. Conley seemed to expect a service that is not just a cleaning, "he was my purpose, I tried to get up to it right away," Cordero was recorded by the police I testify with tape.

According to Cordero, Mr. Conley says "It becomes rough in the bed" and got a knife. "Even if he said he wanted to go home, he did not let me go, I felt my danger and took the knife and attacked the back of the head," Cordero suspected. According to Conley's wallet, he took out 40 dollars (about 3320 yen) of "amount agreed beforehand" as price for housekeeping substitution service and left apartment leaving Conley who takes his breath in the bedroom.

Cordero suspects that his body confused Mr. Conley and tells the police that "my butt is too attractive".

This incident that occurred in October 2001 was unresolved until Cordero suspect was identified from the surveillance camera image in April 2007, and Cordero suspects a high cleaning ability appropriate for house keeper Maybe it was.

Cordero suspects that he will get a life imprisonment from a 25-year prison sentence if he got guilty, but the public opinion that he received the report seems to be generally cold. If the suspect is a female, the impression received from the incident may also be different.

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