Brassiere "Valley X (Tanimax)" to realize the ultimate bust valley appears

A new function brassiere that Wacoal realizes the ultimate valley, its name is also "Valley X (Tanimax)We launched a new product called.

It is a fairly challenging naming new product, but as its name suggests it is of a structure pursuing "ideal valley".

The function of "Valley X" and the color variations of all five colors are as follows. Also, the results of the survey of the most conscious party etc. when attaching "favorite underwear" are also clarified.The excitement that never happens. Bra "Valley X" that realizes the ultimate bust valley is released | Wacoal | Kyodo News PR Wire

According to the survey of Wacoal, the most conscious opponent when attaching "favorite underwear", mainly of women in their twenties, is "lovers / favorite heterosexuals", the situation that they want to attach is " When it goes to "It is said that it turned out to be the result.

From this result it can be understood that "What you can see from the opposite sex" is an important point to underwear, but receive a voice from the user who wants such women psychology and sexy type brassieres to make "ideal valley" What aimed at the thing is the new product "Valley X" this time.

In addition, "ideal valley" means that items such as "volume up of bust", "plump valley", "the center line of the valley goes straight" are pointed and evaluated.

A bold volume up is realized with a special shape "valley pad" which lifts the bust from the bottom with a lump. By the way the pad is removable. Also, "side seats" beside the cup push the front from the side supporting the bust and make a clear valley.

In addition, the side "slim panel" highlighted the valley by restraining the volume of the bust side and refreshing.

All colors are 5 colors. Brown base "OC" and light blue "TU" are already on sale at stores / web stores.

The release from the middle of January is "IV" with pastel color flowers scattered on white backgrounds, vivid pink "SP", and yellow "YE".

It is possible to purchase from the following Wacoal official web shop. Because valleys are one of the points that increase the appeal of women's bust, you may be able to expect it as a way to work directly there.

Wing Valley X Bra Wacoal | Wacoal

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