Awkward smile without meeting anyone, the reaction of those who received gifts that are not happy are seen by 75% givers

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People 's happy face is the real thrill of gifts (Daigomi), especially in the case of children, often joyfully expressing joy while jumping and jumping, holding a camera on birthday or Christmas to open gifts There are also a lot of parents that photographs without missing the moment.

However, when you receive an unexpected gift, you are in trouble with the reaction, and in some cases you may be required to have the ability to show you happiness even if you are not happy to be disappointed not to disappoint the giver. When I got software without having a gaming machine, when I got clothes of a distinctive sense that I do not have the courage to wear it very much, the contents of the box I opened that I thought it was a ring was a pedometer When ... ... It seems that everyone has experienced subtle gifts, but the smiling face with a concealed discouragement may have been perceived by the giver.

Details are as below.Just what you always wanted? White lies about those unwanted presents are fooling no one, reveal scientists | Mail Online

Hertfordshire UniversityPsychologistKaren PineIn the research by professors, 75% of people are known to be able to tell whether they are really pleased or not, as well as the point of seeing the true hearts of the girls from facial expressions and body language Also revealed.

The subjects of 680 men and women photographed and analyzed how they gifted or received gifts, and as a result, the subjects who did not like the gifts they got obviously uncomfortable and unlikely to feel, it appears in the body language It was confirmed that there was. One typical reaction is to gaze at gifts so as not to see eyes with other people in the room. In addition, it seems that there were many reactions that gaze is pulled to the door of the room as if looking for "escape path" unconsciously. Many subjects tried hard to touch gifts that I did not like, and sometimes I saw a movement like trying to wrap the gift that I just opened as it is.

On the contrary, it seems to be said that the movement that makes a gift opened like a trophy high as a trophy, to show off to a person in the room is really evidence that he likes the gift. Also, in the case of a muffler or other thing to wear, if you are wearing it on your neck after standing by hand, you are sure that you really like it.

The expression is also a key to distinguish whether it is pleased from the true feeling. If you do not like the gift, you smile with your mouth alone, smile does not reach your eyes, whereas if you are really happy you are laughing until your eyes It seems that a smile lasts for a long time.

Professor Pine said, "What we say when we receive gifts is something that the body and language tells are quite different, but the giver will read a faint signature that will give you a true feeling There are also cases in many cases. "

In the survey, the most "risky" gifts are personal items such as clothes and accessories, and it is also clear that preference items such as chocolate and alcohol, foods, etc. are "safe" all the time. In addition, 75% of the subjects were able to see if the girls really liked the gifts, and that the ability for women to see was high.

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