It turns out that there is some connection with the appearance of the dog and the appearance of the owner

Words such as "Dogs resemble owners" or "Owner resembles a dog" are truly spoken, but what exactly is it and what if it's true Are you doing? A psychologist investigated the theme of this "breed and breed" that everyone thought, but no one had revealed.

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Dog owners do look like their pets, say psychologists - Telegraph

Dogs Do Look Like Owners | LiveScience

Dr. Rance Walkman, a psychologist at the Bath Spa University in the UK, tested a match of 41 pictures of either Labrador, Poodle or Staffordshire Bull Terrier with photos of three dogs to 70 When I went to the subjects, it was said that the percentage of correct answers, which should be around 33%, was 50 to 60%, which was quite high. For the subjects, it was a test that was done without giving any information other than the owner's whole body photograph, and it turned out that there was some relationship between the breed and the owner about the appearance.

Although it seems that it is still enigmatic how why it will be such a thing, Dr. Walkman says, "People full of energy would want to walk with a healthy dog ​​breed and increase the amount of exercise, so People who are not like keeping an indoor dog like a poodle seem to have a lot to do with dog breeds with external elements such as clothes and physique. "

On the other hand, it seems that there was hardly any relation between the inner part of the dog and the inner part of the owner, such as "the character of the owner of the type of xx is the same as the dog like ○ ○" The fact that the common property that "people keeping dogs are" easy to associate with "good people" is found as a result of the investigation. I would like you to experiment about how other animals will become.

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