Clearly oil-like food has a function to relieve sadness

The feeling calms down when you eat, especially the more sweet and greasy you are, the more satisfied you are, and many people will feel better when you eat.

Especially in a stressful environment, scientists discovered that they ran overestimate and sometimes fall into obesity, but it is because it has an effect to relieve the feeling to the fat.

Why comfort eating really is make us happy - we are soothed by fatty foods | Mail Online

A team led by Dr. Lukas Van Oudenhove of Leuven University in Belgium measured the movement of emotions when fat was injected into the stomach using MRI scan. First we gave 12 subjects sad music and images and scan the EEG.

After that, fatty acid or physiological saline was injected into the stomach of the subjects. However, when I injected, the contents were not reported to subjects. Therefore, it seems that the subject reminded the injected material and the same ingredient food eaten so far, which did not affect perception.

As a result of the survey, sad music and images caused the feelings of all subjects to be depressed. However, subjects injected with fatty acids had a 50% lower degree of depression than subjects injected with saline. Dr. Oudenhove said, "Even though we are not consciously eating it, it seems hard to get caught by the feelings of sorrow when you consume fat."

The research group sees that the findings obtained this time may have important implications for people suffering from obesity, eating disorders, depression. However, since the number of subjects is too small in the experiments announced this time, it seems necessary to recruit various subjects and to continue research.

Dr. Giovanni Cizza, coauthor of the co-authors of the National Diabetes Mellitus · Digestive Disease · Renal Disease Institute, said, "Even if you simply inject the fat into the stomach, without pleasure to eat sweet or sweet things, I understood that there is a possibility of controlling the emotions of the brain, it seems that the nutrient absorbed in the intestines acts on the brain in some way ", so further research is awaited .

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