Prime Minister Kan Naoto "It is important to send Japanese animation to the world" on the official blog against Tokyo Metropolitan Youth Health Development Ordinance Revision bill

It is the 94th Prime MinisterNaoto KanThe prime minister's official blog "Prime Minister Kan's blog (KAN-FULL BLOG)At the Tokyo Metropolitan Government reform bill for revitalizing young people healthy and protesting against it and publishing companies that announced not to participate in the Tokyo International Anime Fair,It is important to send Japanese anime to the worldI write it.

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Influence on the animation fair Prime Minister with concern depiction regulation - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

The corresponding entry of the official blog is as follows.

Prime Minister Kan's blog (KAN-FULL BLOG): Looking ahead

The revised ordinance revision bill for the young people's health education ordinance in Tokyo this time and the part about Tokyo International Anime Fair are as follows.

Another story concerning the Japan brand. There is a voice worried about the holding of the "Tokyo International Anime Fair" in connection with the development of youth health. Youth development is an important issue. At the same time, it is important to send Japanese anime to the world. I would like people concerned to make efforts so that the "International Anime Fair" can not be held in Tokyo.

In addition, Shueisha has announced the following regarding the Tokyo International Anime Fair as follows.

Current affairs dot com: Animated works of own comics also refused to exhibit = protest against regulation of the cartoon of the city - Shueisha

Kazuhiko Torijima Managing Director Kazuhiko Torijima on November 13 not only refuses to participate in the Tokyo International Anime Fair in March next year but also an animation piece based on the manga published by the company We also announced a policy not to accept exhibits. Part of the protest to the Tokyo Metropolitan Youth Health Development Ordinance revision that regulates cartoon and animation with radical sexual depictions.
Animation such as 'Naruto' and 'One Piece' of the original manga published by the company is also popular abroad.
The managing director appealed to newcomer mangaists "I definitely want to shoot Shintaro Ishihara (Governor of Governor)." Morihiko Ibaraki The third editorial director of the company said, "Please draw anything you like without shrinking, if you like it you can post all the jumps."

When going as it is, the next Tokyo international animation fair says the birds sing, and the day Tokyo itself is boycotted from each publishing company and so on seems not so far.

By the way Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara made a decision on Tokyo International Anime Fair that Kadokawa and others decided not to participate "Why do not you decide by yourself? I do not know if it relates to the ordinance. Feel free toStated as"People of homosexuals come out from the TV and they do it in the same way. Japan is becoming an unrestricted figure." "I saw a gay parade, but I thought it was really pity." A pair of men, There is a pair of women, but there is still a missing somewhere. "" It is not exceptional in foreign countries to make it selling and show-up and making it a different way to television. "With the feeling that, I am speaking remarks of discrimination rolling out one after another.

For these statements, this opinion is also given.

Aim for Shintaro Ishihara 'Sniper Sniper' - Veteran Diary of Akio Furumachi

First of all, I wrote as follows, as a politician at the time, as a novel written by governor Shintaro Ishihara, "a sniper sniper" at the time.

"Aversion" is a passion for today's human beings to live. Only "aversion" is the only technique that can find himself correctly and give his passion to live his life. The accomplishment of "aversion" is a true act in the present age. There is truth destruction, revolution, creation only when it is carried out. Only mentally ill-thinked thoughts to "hatred" can be truly intellectual, etc., I have developed my subject to that subject.

And they cite these and point out the following points.

In general, people, if they take years old, will be rounded like Morishige and it will also be a good manpower, but it seems that there is no shake with regard to the Governor of Tokyo. Like the drunkard who was shot through the buttocks, I still believe that the people are disgusted and disgusted, despised, ugly and daunting. Even though he himself expresses graciously and thoroughly, "even though he himself is wonderfully stupid and stupid enough to even kill like an insect", even though he himself is still expressing politely, It is a story saying that it is wonderful to choose it because it gives power to governors and governors. I do not think that the citizens are bothersome ... Even if I ran in Yamagata, I would have won regularly.

There are reasons to absurdly support "people who can say NO" "Hiro chan 's brother" "heavyweights of literary", but also to those who support "Go ahead Governor Shintaro" I do not think that it is his unchanging belief that "Dude, hey, die, Kasu". When you look out where you do not discipline at all as it becomes a newspaper article by spitting outlaws. Perhaps it may even be thought "even though you are disappearing like this, you still have a fool who can not choose who you choose". After all I said my opinion was right.

Perhaps because the idea of ​​the Governor has not been transmitted to the world at the moment, he is a big politician forever, and there are times when he thought that he could do as much of the city administration as he likes. If it is anything his sentences are long, it is long and difficult to read, literature is not read much. It was something angered that the media was doing. He should convey his real image properly.

But recently it was not so, and there are times when I think that his punk declaration was adequately conveyed to the citizens and citizens properly, it was properly understood and chosen. I think that citizens (or citizens) may be complicit in his politics with a positive will that they want to become kingdoms of hatred, refusal and despair rather than tolerance and neighbor love and respect. Like a boy who shook a rifle indiscriminately in that Shibuya.

I guess that it is already morbidly eroded by obstruction and frustration so much. It seems that such times and air seems to have set aside the governor of the prefecture. I read back again and thought of such a thing.

In addition, it is easy to understand examples of Taiwan as a concrete example about what excessive excessive regulation destroys.

Togetter - "Following the Metropolitan Ordinance, I wrote a Taiwanese expression regulation history"

There was a time when Taiwan's cartoon world shone around 1960. It seems that popular cartoons are a good era, which can be a real shooting theater work.

However, in 1966 the Taiwanese government passed the "Coach Guidance Practice? Law", a person called, "the cartoons appraisal system" passed.

Something that violates national policies and laws, things that destroy ethical morals, things that impede the physical and mental health of juvenile children, things that hinder customs, things that advertise superstitions, others that have other influences on the national society. These should not exist in cartoon illustrations and letters.

The dog will not talk. The ability of the robot should be limited, should not have free consciousness and words. Weapons must not exceed that of existing ones, we can not use weapons that are too powerful such as nuclear, laser, gas. Etc ...

Taiwanese manga world once shone was bound by this system and eventually disappeared.

For more than ten years, about 1980, Japanese cartoons were imported in the form of pirated version, I do not know the detailed cause, but why did not receive as much severe judgment as Taiwanese cartoon.

For several years from now, Japanese cartoons are a big boom among children. Doraemon, Dragon Ball, City Hunter, Electric Shadow Girl, Ranma, Dai no Adventure ... etc etc.

There was no Taiwanese original manga in that boom.

In 1987 the examination system was finally abolished, but the Taiwanese cartoon world as burned as the burned land had to do over again from the beginning.

In 1992, due to the execution of the copyright law amendment, the pirate cartoon disappeared, a Japanese manga translated from the regular route appeared instead of taking a license from Japan instead.

Taking the flow of this regular Japanese manga, Taiwanese cartoons also started walking, and began serializing at each cartoon weekly publication. It temporarily caught up as it was.

However, the number of Taiwanese cartoons did not decrease in many years, and only the manga of Japan survived.

And more than a decade ago, it was said that cartoon animation is Japanese product.

It is that everything is too late after it is destroyed.

Even the same governor "Gusset ★ AsobiIt is such a feeling that it is the Tokushima prefectural governor who actively supports the animation event with ".

A favorite manga is Tokushima Governor Tokushima prefecture Governor of the "Circuit of Wolf" and "Ring to the Ring" Hatsune Miku and Two Shot Shot

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