Too stringent swimming in the cold which was carried out in extremely cold Siberia

Russia · Siberia regionKrasnoyarskSwimming was done by members of the local cold swimming club at the Enisei River flowing in.

In the cold weather all of the surroundings are frozen, the members of the club wear dressed in the swimsuit of the same nori as they are on the beach in summer, and the snow piled up and the cold river I am bent with water.

The landscape of swimming in the cold seems to be tougher just looking at it, from the following.Frigid swimming in Siberia | Weird | News | Toronto Sun

The cold swimming club members gather at the river when they thrust. Because the icicles are in the building and the snow is also crowded on the surface perpendicular to the ground, it is transmitted only by seeing how cold it is.

Unbalanced skin with burning skin in a wheat color.

Traditionally the feet are not bare feet but sandals, but the swimsuits are obviously not cold-resistant specifications, they are very common and bare skin is almost exposed ... ...

It is awful toughness around doing play like a midsummer beach at a cold snowy field.

It looks like this, it seems that the men on the right won over the snowball.

And finally into the river. Even those who dare to challenge the swimming in the cold, it seems that it is difficult to get into the water in this cold indeed, it feels a bit weak.

Is it that towels are placed on the river side, if you bath, you froze if you do not wear your body with haste ... ....

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