"Empire Island" game that defends the island from the enemies that rush with laser cannons, missiles, mines, etc.

"Empire Island" is a defense game that defeats enemies coming from the sky from the sky by making full use of batteries, walls, traps, etc. and protecting the island.

You can defeat enemies and increase population, increase income and strengthen weapons, but enemies will gradually power up and finally in the battle with weapons beyond modern technology Become. Will it be possible to protect the island safely in a fierce battle?

A review of the game is from the following.
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Click "PLAY GAME" to start the game.

At the beginning, you can only select "DARK AGE".

Because there is my island in the center, it is aimed at protecting this to not be destroyed by enemies.

On the left side is the factory. It is a building responsible for the production of island's buildings, weapons, traps and so on.

If you kill an enemy, money enters, but you can not do it by bicycle operation. Therefore, it is necessary to build a residence (Population Unit) on the island, to live a person and earn income. Besides this, you can also create mines, aerial mines (balloons), walls to prevent enemy attacks, weapons and attack towers to attack enemies, and blocks with special effects as traps to protect the island. Let's combine it well and build an unbeatable island. The shortcut key that calls this workshop menu is "B".

It is the palace in the center of the island. There is no special effect, but if this is destroyed it is game over. Since the workshop and the temple described later can only upgrade to the same value as this palace, we will first raise the level of the palace and then invest in the workshop and temple. Also, since the temple is not used, leave it at Level 1 and raise only the level of the palace and the workshop ... It is impossible, so it is important to know how to level up at the timing. The shortcut to the palace menu is "P".

You can hear advice at the palace, but you may not have a chance to make much use.

And on the right side of the island is a shrine. You can use "natural disasters" beyond humanity such as electric shock and fog. However, its power is not lightly usable, so it takes time to charge once it is used. To that extent, the effect is tremendous, so let's use it well and fight off the enemy. The shortcut is "T".

As the level of the temple goes up, "natural disasters" that can be used will increase.

The game started when building the first building. The enemies will attack after 60 seconds interval. Even if the level goes up, it will remain for 60 seconds, so it is necessary to arrange the building and placement of the building and preparation for the enemy.

Attack from the tower. It is a bombardment that decides the direction and strength to attack.

Apparently the number of buildings has increased, the enemies also attacked the fourth wave.

Somehow the enemy 's attack is so powerful that I can not compete.

The island is in the burning land ... ....

defeat. If you do not increase income anyhow it will get ridiculous, so let's try to increase the population and not reduce it anyway.

So, I tried redoing using lessons learned. This is a clear report after you repel the enemy seventh wave. Looking at the graph on the right, you can see how the population is steadily increasing. In the review below we touch everything necessary to capture this game, so please try not to see anyone who wants to clear it by yourself anyway.

Although you can tell by playing several times, you can not say that usability of catapult (attacker) and attack tower is not very good. If the enemy does not come close to a certain degree it can not be aimed satisfactorily and the attack speed will not be so fast, and it will definitely be like a painful battle.

The trick of the strategy is to make use of the trap in the "Island Defense" of the kore menu. Although it is explained as "slow down the speed of enemy ships", in reality it is possible to sink an enemy ship from the mud trap of Lv.1. Moreover, even if it gets to an enemy while moving it can be defeated, there is no fear of removing it because it can specify the place perfectly.

For that reason, we decided to reject the enemy attack with a trap, and the island became completely residential. Enemy ships are not allowed to approach, they are perfectly scavenged by mines.

Since the enemy comes out the air force from the 11th wave of the enemy, it is severe unless it is possible to raise the level of the studio to 4 or more so that mid-air mines (like balloon bombs) can be installed. Intercepting with catapult and its evolving missile is quite difficult.

Basically, it is best for an enemy to repel at the edge of the screen. As the enemy 's attack gradually comes to reach from a long distance, damage will come out if you do not rush it quickly.

By this time the level of the studio will be 5 (max), and we should be able to use all weapons.

Still, this street as I am careless.

An uprising attack rush comes from the sky from the sea.

If you think that it is impossible, it might be earlier if you surrender and start over.

Lastly, the enemy 's 25th wave will come ... ....

This is the appearance of the boss. Durability will not be compared with the enemies that have appeared so far.

After all, while fighting hard on the boss, the small fish came together and wanted to get together, and the island became scorched. I think that you can see that when you look at the population graph, you are suddenly depressed at the end.

When the enemy's sixth, eleventh, sixteenth, and twenty-first waves are reached, each level is released and you can play from the middle.

Since all 24 medals are prepared in this way, I would like to aim for the lifting of the whole if I play it.

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