I tried playing the defense game "Kingdom: New Lands" boasting super high difficulty and addiction with Nintendo Switch

A defense game that defends the kingdom from the enemy's battlefield that was delivered from Steam last year and was calling a topic in part.Kingdom: New Lands"Is distributed as download-only software from September 14, 2017 at Nintendo Switch. Anyway it was hard and addictive, so I tried to actually play what kind of game it is.

Kingdom: New Lands | Nintendo Switch software | Nintendo

"Kingdom: New Lands" Nintendo Switch Intro video - YouTube

◆ First Play
First off. When loading is over ......

In the dark forest, there is a princess who rides a horse. With dot dotting design, fine detail of the torch reflected on the water surface is beautiful. It seems that you can move freely to the left and right with the arrow keys so if you go a little ... ....

"KINGDOM" made of stone block collapses. Direction that game title appears here.

A ghost that was at the exit of the forest leads the main character.

A lot of coins were falling down there. When picking up it will accumulate in the upper right bag. And somehow the people.

First of all it was told to ignite, so long press the button. Coins are thrown into three round spaces ......

A bonfire burned up and a building was built. Instruction to stand further here.

When throwing the coin, the gaudy people picked it up and started to move.

When you insert a coin according to the instruction "Purchase a bow with long press" ...

One person took a bow and arrow and released an arrow to a rabbit who was jumping around.

Next time I put coins at the hammer sign, the other one became a carpenter. Also, the rabbit is shot to the coin.

When a coin is thrown into the place where the ground is raised, the carpenter approaches and starts construction.

It became a wall of logs.

There is also a camp in the woods, and there are also people walking around like this again. I will hire a coin.

I noticed that while I was doing it, I had a night. The sun and the moon floating in the background sky are moving little by little and you can understand that there is lapse of time.

As I heard a sound from the wall on the right, I came close to trying to get some suspicious gangs attacking. It is clearly like an enemy.

But while standing on the wall the archer repelled with a bow and arrow. Because it is curved for some reason, the accuracy of the hit is not so good.

Eventually the dawn dawn, the letter "ii". It seems that we have successfully welcomed the second day.

For the time being, I will fly the horse to the right in the day 2 on the second day trying to go where I can go. Then, something doubtful is at the end. Clearly the enemies are coming out in a rough atmosphere. Trying to turn back on thinking it is dangerous ......

Sure enough, enemies came out. Actually, the stamina is set for the horse, so I ran away without considering anything so far, I can not run away running, I can catch up in no time.

I will not faint even if I receive damage, but I will drop the coin. I only had one, so there are no more coins.

In addition, pursued, I dropped the crown on my head.

The moment the enemy robbed the crown, the game was over.

Consuming coins → investing in facilities and personnel → preparing for the night when the enemy is on the side is the same rule as a general defense game, but "what kind of position has what meaning?" "The effect of the building is The information "What is victory / defeat in the first place" is not explained at all in the game. Therefore, we have to try again and again to grasp the system until you clear one side.

◆ What I understand (down here is for people who can not go ahead with their own power)
First of all clear conditions. Somewhere in the fieldShip's wreckagethere is. When investing in this and repairing with a carpenter ... ...

The ship will be launched.

This ship is on either sideHarborSo you can get on board with 10 more coins there. Then you can clear the stage clearly and move to the next island. "Defending the crown", so defending the crown (defense) is the key to this game.

Once you clear it will drift to a new land again. For the first time here I am convinced that "What is meant by subtitle New Lands?"

The most important coin in this game can be gained by placing farmers on pioneered agricultural land, growing crops from the farmers, and harvesting, in addition to the rewards that archers hunted wild animals.

It also comes from a treasure box that randomly appears in the street.

In addition, a merchant regularly goes to the town, and if I invested one coin the day before, I will give 8 sheets the next day. In other words, there are 7 more coins to be deducted.

When you invest a coin on the bonfire in the city, the castle grows little by little. A mysterious person appears in the center as it grows to a certain extent, but he keeps the coins. When the revenue of the coin stabilizes to a certain extent, since it overflows from the bag and it can not possess any more, it is important also to not waste coins.

Also, thisA secret societyMarks that are also very similar to the symbol of the meaning of masonry. By investing in this we can make the wall of the tree stone for the first time and dramatically increase defense power. To defend and secure the position of the position I want to find the first and want to invest the coin.

Then for each position. There are refugee camps in the forest, and citizens regularly camp on. They listen to what they call coin on them. They can head to the city center and upgrade to each position. Because this refugee camp is in the forest, if you pioneer the forest without thinking about anything, the population will not increase and it will become stuck. At the very least, it is necessary to have one tree at each side of the camp.

BowmanHe not only defends the country by shooting arrows to defeat the enemies at night, it hunts wild animals such as deer and rabbits and earns coins while the sun is out. In order to hunt a lot of wild animals, we have to open the forest outside the wall and make it a vast field.

carpenterHe is also an upgrade staff of the facility, but he is also a manpower manipulating throwing stones, a powerful weapon. Throwing machines can be made with investment of 6 coins when upgrading the castle, but two carpenters are cast out for each thrower, so care must be taken.

farmersIt is placed on farmland, harvests periodically and gives you a lot of coins. Therefore, by developing farmlands in safety zones and arranging a plurality of farmers, it is possible to stably win coins to some extent.

Agricultural land can be reclaimed when investing coins in the flat where water is flooded. There are two stages, one in the morning will go to the farmland from the castle in the morning, return to the castle at night, so will not work during the round trip time. However, since it will not return to the castle after every second stage, it will work efficiently from morning till night and the harvesting speed will be faster.

Investing and strengthening to the maximum in the castle, by investing six coinsKnightUp to 4 people can be prepared. By giving coins to knights in the same way as giving coins to refugees, it becomes more powerful.

The knight bundles the archers and makes the knights. When investing in the flag at the forefront, the Order can move forward, destroying the portal where the enemy appears. However, when destroying ......

The color of the sky changes, and a lot of enemies come back to the counterattack. At this time I tried to strengthen the wall in a panic but it did not make it. Also, the archers incorporated in the Order will not hunt and the income of coins will be drastically reduced, so it does not mean that the placement of knights is absolutely correct.

You can get a map by investing 2 coins in the sign on the way. When getting a map, items that become advantageous for game development will be increased one by one when game over or game clear, and will be arranged randomly at the next and subsequent play. Therefore, even if you can not clear it, even if you get a map, the next time will be a little easier.

For example, this Archer monument, which you can get on the first island, reinforces the archers only one night after each investment. Up to 3 consecutive night consolidation is possible.

This is a dog who got on the second island. Follow the players and bark brawl. Although it is not exterminating enemies in particular, it seems that they are pursuing wild animals, but it is unknown what the specific effect is. It seems that the enemy is barking in the direction of the enemy when it attacks it, so if you say that you can sense approaching. The state of being followed by Hikogako is very lovely.

About 10 hours playing until I grab the above thing. It took roughly 5 hours to clearly grasp the system and clear the first stage. Although it is a simple defense game at first glance, it is very detailed, including not only the system but also the production. However, although the ghost will first explain it in the tutorial, it can not be completely cleared with only its contents, no further explanation after that. There is no other way to keep track of game over and to grasp and remember.

For example, I will not explain the defeat condition with concrete sentences. It was actually chased by a bridge and dropped the crown to the sea and it was a game over, for the first time "not to be robbed of the crown by the enemy,To lose the crownDoes it mean that you lose? "

However, despite the super difficulty and the shortage of explanation so far, the degree of completion as a defense game is quite high, and it is addictive height that several hours elapse after becoming infatuated while playing. It is also a point that it is hard to become a working game because the terrain changes every time you play, because of its high randomness. Also, whenever you can choose a new game or clear the stage, there is a part that carries fellows on the ship and you can carry over a part on the next stage with the coin, it is not just a mere unkind.
"Kingdom: New Lands" recommended for those who say "Recent games are too friendly and not enough" is available as a download version at Nintendo Switch, including tax of 1690 yen.

◆ Omake: A thorough strategy hint collection for people who have gotten stuck for some reason (It is not possible to read in unplayed because it is a spoiler)

1: Make one wall behind the bonfire at the start point
Even if you strengthen the wall closest to the bonfire, the walls are automatically built in the process of strengthening the bonfire to become a castle, so you can use it for coins and time for another thing. Especially effective on the first island.

"Kingdom: New Lands" Capture Method 1: Make a wall one side away from the bonfire - YouTube

2: Making farmers top priority
After the 20th day, it gradually turns red leaves and enters the winter, and this winter will not end, but if you place farmers in the meantime it will be massively produced coins, It is possible to advance construction of a boat for escape at a stroke in the middle stage. However, if it is not an arrangement that can be successfully made into agricultural land, there is a possibility of a bit of struggle ant.

"Kingdom: New Lands" Capture Method 2: Make farmers the top priority

3: The enemy comes from only one side of the first island
If you know the direction the enemy will come on the evening of the first day, you can strengthen the wall only after the enemy comes, afterwards arrange the stone thrower, and so on.

"Kingdom: New Lands" strategy method 3: The first island comes from only one enemy - YouTube

4: When horses eat grass they return to full power possible
Although the stamina does not last soon as soon as the horse that you get in the initial state, it will return to the full strength possible at once in a stroke by eating the grass. Therefore, when traveling a long distance, if you try to eat grass on the way, it is comfortable and comfortable.

"Kingdom: New Lands" Strategy Method 4: Horses return to being able to spin at full power when eating grass - YouTube

5: Take the knight on the ship and take him to the next island
The second and subsequent of the island for it is very difficult to start from a hand-held zero, when to clear the first one eye of the island, makes it easy and put the knight on the ship. See the movie below for how to do it.

"Kingdom: New Lands" Capture Method 5: Take the knight on the ship and take him to the next island - YouTube

6: Cut the forest in advance in order to increase the moving speed of the ship
As you enter the woods, the speed of the escape boat falls invisibly, so even if you do not do anything, even if you forcibly cut down the tree, the escape speed will rise later.

7: Destroy the "small portal" coming from the enemy surely with a unit of a knight
After making a knight sortie, we will stick together from behind and continue to refill the money every time the knight gets damaged, surely crush the small portal.

"Kingdom: New Lands" Capture Method 7: Destroy "Small Portal" with a Knight One Unit - YouTube

8: Move quickly using the warp hole
If you destroy the "small portal" you can build a warp hole with 5 coins. It is convenient to collect coins from agricultural land that is away from me because it will be able to move instantly to a fairly distant place with a single coin.

"Kingdom: New Lands" strategy method 8: Move quickly using the warp hole - YouTube

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