While playing the 'Kingdom Two Crowns' to protect the kingdom from the monstrosity of monsters while adding a castle with Nintendo Switch

" Kingdom Two Crowns " following the tower defense type game " Kingdom: New Land " that protects the kingdom from the monster "Gurudo" that attacks every night by building a castle on the island where it drifted was launched on December 11, 2018 Nintendo Switch · PlayStation 4 · Xbox One · PC (Steam) has appeared. While inheriting the previous system released in 2017, various new elements and new designs are added. I actually played the Nintendo Switch version to see what kind of evolution it has evolved.

Kingdom Two Crowns Comes Out 12.11.2018

You can see how the game 'Kingdom Two Crowns' is by looking at the trailer movie below.

Kingdom Two Crowns - Launch Trailer - YouTube

Start Kingdom Two Crowns and you can choose two different worlds while loading. The left is a medium-european style design like the previous series, right is "SHOGUN" mode which motif is "feudal socialist era Japan" added from this work. This time I chose the right.

The monarch operated by the player will ride a horse and move on the island. The design of the player is also Japanese style. Queen who wore twelve (Hideo) is like this.

It is like a hat and a hunting , but it looks somewhat different like it.

There was also a design wearing armor or armor.

When the road is over, the game starts on the first island.

As the moving spirit of the emerging spirit moves, the logo of "KINGDOM" appears and collapses.

The first thing to do is to ignite a coin on a bonfire in the square. This bonfire will become the center of the castle.

By offering coins to bonfires, the castle becomes more and more wonderful, and the system of the castle will be enhanced.

People who do not have any jobs are hanging around the square. If you give them a coin, they will be yours.

I have to give a job to those who are under control. If you give a coin to a hammer on the left, "craftsman", and a coin on the right bow and arrow, "warrior" is born. A craftworker is a necessary occupation to construct a castle facility, a warrior is a necessary occupation to get rid of monsters attacking at night.

First of all, in order to protect the city from monsters, it is necessary to make walls at both the left and right ends. When a coin is offered to a place which is exciting and excited on the ground, craftsmen run and build a wall.

In the evening, monsters will attack from both ends. You must repel with the bow and arrow of the warrior while preventing the intrusion of monsters on the wall.

Also, there are big rocks in the road. Offering coins to rocks ......

A guarding watch is completed.

When a tower is made, the warrior climbs and attacks the demon that comes close from the high place, so if you make it frequently, it will be quite easy.

Various methods of getting coins are necessary to increase the castle renovation and rework. For example, if you have a merchant in the city square, you pay a coin and you will give me a lot of coins the next day.

Also, upgrading the castle will allow you to set up a farm. Placing farmers regularly creates coins.

Also, during the daytime when demons do not attack, warriors are hunting rabbits and deers around the castle. Depending on the location, the rabbits will spring up, so you can get a large amount of coins by hunting warriors.

Coins are essential for flattening the island, but if the monarch is attacked by a demon, it will drop the coins you had. In addition, if you are attacked with no coins, the crown blows away.

The blown crown must be picked up at once. Once the crown is robbed of the crown by a demon earlier ... ...

Game over and will be redone from the first island. However, even if the game is over, the facilities that were made on each island will be handed over, so if you think that this is impossible, you will be greeted and over again from the beginning.

Forests grow thick on both sides of the castle. In SHOGUN mode, it is designed like bamboo rather than forest. By arranging coins in each of the trees, craftsmen cut down. In order to propagate rabbits to be hunted, it is necessary to cut through the forest and make the surroundings a field.

Also, as in the previous work, you can escape from the island by donating a coin to a drifting boat in the forest and repairing it.

However, it is a major change in this work that you can get in from the pillar in the middle while you could not get on the boat unless you had gone to the edge of the island in the previous work. Therefore, if you just get out of the island, you do not have to go to the end and break the enemy's home base.

As ships can carry warriors and craftsmen in addition to monarchs, it is possible to carry over some of the talent to the next island. However, in this work, it will not be cleared if you escape, it will be clear if you devise evil from the island. Therefore, unlike the previous work that aims to repair and clear the ship quickly, in this work it is important to "open the forest and slowly expand the castle, aiming for devils with a fulfilling facility and fighting strength" It is.

Also, there are various buildings and items in the woods. For example, the following image is a camp where people without jobs live. Residents will appear regularly, so I will give coins and increase my underdogs steadily.

There is an upper limit to the castle renovation, but sacrificing a large amount of coins to the monument in the forest makes it impossible for the upper limits to be lost, and the castle can be remodeled to a larger extent.

There are many coins in a brown treasure box deep inside the dark woods. Therefore, it is very important not only to extend the castle but also to explore the forest.

In the previous work "Kingdom: New Land" we were able to get various benefits and items by offering coins to the facilities in the forest. However, from now "Kingdom Two Crowns", not only coins but also "jewels" are required.

Jewels are found in the black treasure chest in the forest.

If you open it in 2 to 3 pieces. Besides treasure boxes, coins can be acquired by hunting rabbits and deer or setting up farms, but gems can only be got from black treasure boxes. Also, since this black treasure box does not respawn, the number of jewels is finite. For that reason, it is the new strategy point of "Kingdom Two Crowns" to think carefully which facilities use jewelry. Even if the game is over, facilities already paid for jewelry are handed over as they are, so you can restart with confidence.

Also, in this work a lot of horses with special abilities such as Gryphon and Salamander have also been added. Suddenly something fell from the sky as I was walking around the forest. Apparently something will happen if we pay 2 jewels.

When paying 2 jewels, a black gryphon that will be a new horse added in this work appeared. In the previous work "Kingdom: New Land" we could not transfer to a new horse unless we had to capture the island, but now it's possible to change jewels to the facilities in the woods and to transfer by paying more coins.

I will change trains to Griffon. Gryphon has more stamina than ordinary horses and it also recovers the stamina in a moment by eating fish from the ground. Furthermore, it is also possible to temporarily blow away monsters that rush by causing great flapping.

You can see in the following movie how the Gryphon that the monarch actually crosses blows off the monster that pierces the wall while pinching the mouse.

Nintendo Switch "Kingdom Two Crowns" on Griffon and kicked monsters - YouTube

This time I played the Nintendo Switch version, but in the PC version two or more people can cooperate playing locally or online. Nintendo Switch version · PlayStation 4 version · Xbox One version will be compatible with Multiplayer in 2019. "Kingdom Two Crowns" is downloaded and sold on Nintendo Switch · PlayStation 4 · Xbox One · PC (Steam), and it is available for purchase at 2050 yen including tax.

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