I tried playing a simple but addictive puzzle RPG `` Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns '' with Nintendo Switch

' Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns ' that was completely remastered by adding new elements to ' Puzzle Quest-

Knight of Agalia ' released on various platforms such as Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, Released on Nintendo Switch on September 19, 2019. I played with a role-playing game (RPG) that fights monsters with a simple puzzle with a fantasy world view.

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You can see what it means to actually fight with a puzzle by looking at the following movie.

The battle of Nintendo Switch `` Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns '' looks something like this-YouTube

When you start the game, press the A button to start.

Select 'Start from the beginning'

First, create a profile of the main character who will be the player. The name can be freely determined and can be randomly generated.

Next, select a profession. There are 12 occupations in total, and the difficulty varies depending on the characteristics. This time, we selected a night with a normal difficulty level.

Select the appearance of the character with the L and R buttons and select OK.

The stage of the game is the Kingdom of Etheria, where evil has been destroyed in a previous battle and peace has continued for a long time. But the wicked being is resurrected and is about to go back to the kingdom again.

As you move through the map, the game will proceed by receiving quests and performing battles. First, select the capital city of Baltonia.

Select 'Find Quest'

Accept the first quest “Family Reunion”.

Contacted the Queen at Bartonia Castle, saying “I was called by my father and I will return to Syria”. While the Queen was willing to accept her return home, she was worried that the monster was waking up and trying to attack the country.

Select 'Syria' to move.

Select 'Ask my father'

After a long conversation, the father hands over the broken shield that the grandfather has left and tells the queen to protect him.

I will proceed with the story while doing the quest like this. However, enemies may stand up in that. When I was asked by the Queen to go to Syria to carry an official document, I encountered a bandit. Select Continue.

Select “Fight!”

The battle screen looks like this. A colorful gem fills the 8x8 square frame. Gem disappears when you arrange 3 gems vertically or horizontally. For example, select a green gem as shown in the following image ...

When you press the up button, the selected green gem is replaced with the upper gem, and the three green gems disappear side by side.

When you remove the green gem, the green gauge of the mana gauge displayed next to the character has increased. When you erase a gem, you can increase the mana gauge corresponding to the disappeared color.

If you collect mana, you can use the 'skill' displayed at the bottom of the character. The 'God's Rights' that can be triggered using 6 yellow mana and 6 blue mana are ...

You can erase purple star gems all at once. Since the purple star gem is an experience value, it is possible to get a large amount of experience value at once.

The main battle flow is to turn off the gem, and to turn off the gem alternately. Also, replace the red gem selected on the following screen with the right gem ...

Four red gems are arranged vertically.

If you remove 4 or more gems side by side, “4 Gem Eraise” will be activated, which will add one more turn. You can increase your turn and earn more mana not only by erasing gems but also by erasing 4 gem erasures preferentially.

And when I erase the skull gem ...

The health gauge displayed at the top of the opponent character will decrease. Dokurogemu is a gem that can directly damage your opponent.

You can win if your opponent's physical strength is reduced to 0 by erasing the skull or saving mana and using powerful skills. You can get gold and experience points.

The following movies are actually fighting with puzzles. It takes about 3-4 minutes for a single battle, and it takes about 6-7 minutes for the enemy to become stronger.

The battle of Nintendo Switch `` Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns '' looks something like this-YouTube

If experience level is accumulated and leveled up, skill points can be assigned to strengthen the status.

It can also be equipped with equipment like an ordinary RPG.

You can buy equipment at the shop, but they all require a lot of gold. Therefore, to get enough equipment, you have to do quests and do lots of battles.

Of course, enemies also activate powerful skills and activate combos. Therefore, if you are out of luck, you may lose easily.

When the game is over with a normal RPG, it will start over from the save point, and there will be no part of the previous play. However, Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns does not mean that the game will be over if you lose the battle, and you can try again immediately. Therefore, it is possible to proceed with the tempo well crispy and the game, a simple game of even, even that would play all the way to not find the advance is stopped.

Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns is 1750 yen including tax and can be downloaded and purchased on Nintendo Switch.

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