I tried to eat "Gachapin × Muc cup soup" that Gachapin and Mucc became soup

I bought it quickly because it was released from Maru Miya only at convenience stores that cup soup in the form of Gachapin and Mucc was released.

This time it was released,"I love Gachapin and creamy soup of spinach"When,"Minestrone of ripe tomato want to eat Mucc"Two kinds. Marumiya'sSpecial pageIt is also very cute, it is designed to be warm hearted, but what is the taste like?

"The creamy soup of spinach loving Gachapin" and "Minestrone of ripe tomato want to eat Mucc" (150 yen for each tax included) is the actual taste and looks from the following.Marumiya food: Convenience store limited item! Gachapin x Mucc cup soup appeared

Package I bought this time. The expression of Gachapin and Muc's unique cuteness.

This is "creamy soup of spinach which loves Gachapin". Somehow Muc climbs the ladder and paints the stomach of Gachapin.

The back side looks like this. It seems that Mook who dressed like a cook taught how to make it.

Microwave cooking is not possible.

As ingredients, bacon, cabbage and parsley seem to be included in addition to spinach. The calorie is 91 kcal and fairly modest.

Here is "Minestrone of ripe tomato want to eat Muc." Gachapin is on a snowboarding.

Backside. This cook is Gachapin.

Microwave cooking impossible is also replaced by gachapin.

Minestrone's raw material display. It contains cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, parsley and basil as ingredients. This is even more calorie than creamy soup, 57 kcal.

Incidentally there seem to be 15 cups in all. Four of them I bought this time.

Messages from Mook.

Gachapin glutton edition. Besides these, there are "snowy falling edges", "Mucc's gluttonous edits" in Mook's version, "mischief editing" in Gachapin version, and "message from Gachapin" and further variation in each scene It seems to be. For more informationHereFrom.

Let's make it right away. First of all, creamy soup of spinach. Looking at the contents from the top, there is one soup bag.

I opened a soup bag. It smells fairly chemical spinach ... ....

Transfer to a cup.

Pouring hot water. I have to stir it immediately after this.

Around and around. Creamy-like thickening came out.

Three minutes later. Spinach and parsley are open, and the fragrance has become very mellow.

It became a deliciously fragrant smell, but it is a character goods, and it is a good deal with that ... .... This is! It is surprisingly good! The flavor of bacon is more effective than expected, and the taste of soup is solid. The ingredient cabbage is also chewy enough, feeling that you can feel a light meal even with a soup. As an instant food, it seems quite improbable.

Let's make Minestrone next time.

When opening the bag of soup, it is feeling that the ingredient is pretty much contained here.

Transfer to a cup.

Pouring hot water.

I stir. When I made a creamy soup, I thought I was going to stir it pretty, but the powder was hardened at the bottom. Especially carefully stir the end of the cup.

Completion. I thought that the aroma of basil will come up a little, but the sour aroma of the tomato is strong, it seems that other ingredients have been defeated.

I will get you. The ingredients are shakijaki, and I am glad that there is plenty of quantity, but the acidity of tomato is too strong ... .... Because the base is a perfect powder, tomato juicy is not felt anything, sourness has come out strongly in front. At least I wanted bacon like creamy soup.

Minestrone was a bit disappointing, but creamy soup is quite a taste, it seems to be recommended for people who care about calories and love Gachapin. It seems that it has appeared several times with changing shape and taste, so next time I would like to expect Mook's struggle.

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