The fragrance of chest was a big explosion, "Pepsi Mont Blanc" tasting review

In pursuit of a flavor that is always innovative, in May this year"Pepsi Baobab"It is Pepsi who handed out what kind of taste it is no longer tasty, but this time I bought a relatively popular dessert "Mont Blanc" flavor, so I bought it and bought it and tried it.

Last time Baobab, the previous "Azuki"ShitAlthough it compared with a flavor such as "It was a taste that was easy to drink unexpectedly, what kind of direction of taste will you attack this time?

The impression of tasting etc is from the following.PEPSI PRODUCT

This is "Pepsi Mont Blanc" (147 yen including tax).

It is an image where snow is piled up at the tip of Kuri, a mountain that was the source of Mont Blanc of dessert and its nameMont BlancIt reminds me at one time.

Raw material name is like this. There is no ingredient of chestnut, it is a kind of chemicality that is just as good as the past Pepsi, which is called scenting with only fragrance.

On the other side of the bottle is a phrase "Maron's gentle scent drifts a fresh stimulus of coffee, please enjoy it in the sense of desert". The appealing point of "gentle fragrance" and "refreshing stimulation" gets worried gradually with a mismatch.

The calorie per 100 ml is 42 kcal, it does not include protein and lipid.

Compared to Pepsinex, Pepsinex is still darker in color, close to black. Pepsi Mont Blanc is dark brown like chestnut astringency.

When peeling off the label, you can see that Pepsi Mont Blanc also has a higher transparency. It is deeper than tea and has a sense of transparency, so colors such as whiskey are invisible.

I will always pour your attention. At the moment the seal was opened, the fragrance of a fresh chestnut spread and spread and felt shivering. I am staring at a glimpse of the appearance of bubbling with shu-shuu. Although the color was ordinary Pepsi or it was close to ordinary drinks, I was disinterested, but the fragrance was pretty intense ... ....

As you drank a mouth, as per the catchphrase, certainly the taste of refreshing carbonated beverages and the stimulation of carbonate spread into the mouth. However, since the fragrance is a sweet smell of intense chest that I felt a little while ago, that mismatch adjustment is missing and it is pretty mentally done. It is complicated and strange taste that it is quite easy to put on your mouth after drinking a mouth, and even with respect to the skill of finishing a delicious sweet to violent drink anywhere regardless of where you eat it, like Mont Blanc, even respectfully even respecting it I'm afraid I will remember. If you think as "instead of sweets", you get a big burn when you take it, but it seems that you can experience as expected a certain meaning if you try to "try the usual variant Pepsi".

When I tasted it at the editorial department, it seems that it might be better to drink it so as not to smell the smell, not breathe in from the nose, "I was desperate" "The gap between appearance and scent is amazing".This is a penance.Although various impressions such as "jumped out," it is a perfect finish for making topics, it is a place where new favorite people definitely want you to try.

Cucumber (cucumber) It is Pepsi which continues to attack from the direction of the day after tomorrow, always with Atsuki, Azuki, Baobab, and this Mont Blanc, but what kind of attack will come forward next time? This time it was a sweet, so the imagination is about to swell like what if you were a meal-based flavor such as "Pepsi soy sauce" "Pepsi miso" "Pepsi rice" ... etc.

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