"Tamayura's Day" Talk & Music Events held inside the Temple of the Temple Enveloped in Dusk

The main event of "Tamayura Day - Welcome to Warm, Town of Warmth ~" held at Hiroshima · Takehara, the stage of OVA "Tamayura" was held in the precincts of the temple called Teruji Temple in the town of Takehara It was.

Ayana TaketatsuAndKana AumiMr.,Yuka IguchiMr.,Yuuki TamutakeMr. andJunichi SatoIn addition to talks of various people such as director, Nakajima Nobuyuki who was in charge of the music in the play and live music and singing ED themeNakajima AiThere were lots of contents, including live songs by Mr. san.

The unexpected person's unexpected cosplay appearance can be seen, the state of the event is as follows.Anime Tamayura · Official website: ARIA staff reunited! Healing story set in Setouchi.

Venue before entrance. The precincts in the precincts where pipe chairs are lined up in a row are a bit strange.

Outside the front gate, people with standing rent tickets are waiting in line. Although it is lined up in order, because the number of people is so great that some of the roads are blocked.

First of all it began with the entrance of a person holding a seat ticket.

The seat has been buried a while. As it is nearly full, about 150 people will be seated.

Next entrance to the standing room started. Unlike people in the seat, place picking is important, so the momentum and tension feeling at the time of entry are higher for this place.

Nonetheless, there was no one who pushes other people to us, and after receiving the flyers and questionnaires distributed locally by female high school high school staff, they were about their own position.

Standing people made a crowd in a blink of an eye in a blink of an eye, and people sitting down completely disappeared.

People who missed regrettable tickets in the standing seat were also gathering to stand by in the precincts and enjoy the sound alone.

Full-fledged equipment is prepared on the stage sleeve and the stage, seemingly seemingly set up by specialist event specialists, but in reality it is all the belongings of the shrine of the shrine temple, in holding this event They say that they borrowed pleasantly.

Mr. Yuuko Tamutake of Mr. Sakurada who acts as MC will appear and excite the venue with a light talk.

A cast and director enters where the place has gathered.Ms. Akana Taketomo assumes the mayor's day as a mayorWhile giving everyone of the cast "1 day ● ●" to the cast, etc., the director Junichi Sato was appointed as "One day occupation" of the shrine temple, and it appeared on wearing a robe.

Director Sato who was worshiped by everyone of the cast, "___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0

Nori is preeminent, such as seating by all guest seats as a call from Akana Taketa.

Hiroko Iguchi, about a town in Takehara, said, "I was looking forward to coming to Takehara City for the first time, but I have not yet been able to do sightseeing yet when I arrived with Ayachi (Ayana Takeuchi) However, it seems that it is not the first time that it was the first time to find a scene where the main character (Sawatari Kaede of the main character) is about to fall in the river and a model of a photo shop, "I feel like it is not the first time" I am touched by excitement.

After that, rushed into drawing room where everyone draws Takehara's mascot character. BeforeTohtoI did the same thing in the preceding screening of OVA 1 talk and 2 talks done at the time, but since the colored paper drawn by Mr. Iguchi who became the Grand Prix then gave it to the audience on the spot " Invalid ", so that we will divide again and make each other's ability to fight again in the town of Takehara.

While Cast and the director are engaged in drawing with enthusiasm, when Mr. Yin Tami asked the audience "Who came from Hiroshima Prefecture?", This hand came up. As there were few people living in Takehara City, it seems that there were many people who visited for "Tamayura" from Hiroshima prefecture. Even then, Mr. Yinmu cited various place names, but there were also fans who came from the Kanto region such as Saitama, among other people who came from the Kansai area because of geographical advantages as well.

While talking about the audience, Mr. Yi Take says "Bamboo Cobra" to MatryoshkaCobraIt looks like a psychogan, a character like something sticking together, in another sense made the audience boiled. Mr. Takeda said that "I have gentle eyes" (compared to drawing at the screenings I did before) ".

"Setouchi-kun" drawn by Mr. Takeda is a stuffed-in character packing elements such as the mountains and seas that can be seen from Takehara, and the Mayor's mayor, who was appointed himself. Mr. Yin Mutsu had received a harsh indentation such as "Opening a mountain."

Some time ago, "Takezo panda" that I have never felt something I saw at the Expo somewhere. Because modeled on bamboo which is a special product of Takehara, imagination spread to baby like you like panda.

Mr. Iguchi's drawing "Takebarara" seems to have aimed at so-called "Moe", but it seems that the person himself was a confidently finished in a mood in the beginning from the beginning.

Director Sato who himself became an occupation on the 1st day produced a character called "Takehara Kyosho-kun", and he was crowned with accusations from amateur 's " .

Once the cast other than Mr. Tamansu's MC was sent out, Nakajima Nobuyuki who was in charge of the play BGM appeared. To show off the raw piano.

The sound of a soft piano echoed across the temple's quiet, relaxing temple, and the gentle songs that flowed in the process seemed to melt into cool air.

I will be in charge of the ED theme of "Tamayura"Nakajima AiMr. Nakajima Nobuyuki's piano accompaniment showed the ED theme "Melody" of OVA Volume 1 and the ED theme "Summer Bird" of OVA Volume 2.

The venue was sick in the song of Nakajima singing moistly.

At the end, they all went side by side, exiting while waving their hands. Unlike a normal stage, it will not disappear immediately in the stage, you can call casts or stare at ease, so the area is a bit oish.

Many people who missed the end of the event, such as immersing themselves after the event and taking a picture of the illuminant temple in commemoration were seen many times.

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