Celebrities with gaps in appearance and actual age, celebrities suitable for the year

People who have a subtle gap between the age of appearance and the actual age at any company or school are sure to exist, but most people are looking for age. However, as entertainers often go out in front of many people at work, many people keep youthful. Some people like "No way!" Knowing the actual age.

So, I tried collecting celebrities that I might surprise when I know my age. Details are as below.
Ageless Celebrities: Just How Old Are They? - Pop Buzz!

In each picture, the figure on the left side is a figure of a young age, the right side is a relatively recent figure.

Actors / singers who appeared in "Requiem For Dream" etcJared Leto. 38 years old born in 1971. It looks very youthful.

One of the world's female artists,Mariah CareyHe was born in 1970 and is 40 years old. It may seem like taking years because it is a little bit fluffy, but if it is 40, I feel like being like a year.

Actress / singer who performed Paulina (dance lecturer, Kusaki Kosai at original version cast) at "Shall We Dance?" Remade at HollywoodJennifer LopezHe was 41 years old born in 1969. The makeup makes my age difficult to understand ....

Currently released movie "Eat, pray, love youActress who appeared in "Julia Roberts. There was an image of the leading movie "Pretty Woman" in 1990, and somehow it was a young image but I am 42 years old.

It is the same age as that Julia RobertsWill Smith. The color of the beard is getting mixed with gray and I feel that it gradually becomes middle age.

A super model active in the 1990s,Stephanie SeymourIs also 42 years old.

And actor Scott Wolfe is also 42 years old. He is an actor who is active in TV dramas and is acting somewhat youngMichael J. FoxIt looks like an image. By the way, Michael J. Fox, who is currently fighting with Parkinson's disease, is 49 years old.

Super model which had been active around the same time as Stephanie Seymour,Cindy Crawford. I am 44 years old born in 1966.

Became a bond girl at movie '007 Die · Another Day ·' in 2002Halle BerryI am also 44 years old.

Actresses known for the movie "Little Romance" "Street of Fire" "Woman of Destiny"Diane Rain. Debut is 14 years old, now 45 years old.

Popular actor who played Jack Sparrow of "Pirates of the Caribbean" seriesJohnny DeppIs 47 years old. Because it is useful enough, there are images that age has changed depending on the work.

Currently open "Knight & DayIn addition to being featured in movie productionTom Cruise. I am 48 years old.

It showed its beauty with the movie "Ice smile" in 1992Sharon Stone. In 2006 a sequel "Ice Smile 2" was also made. Born in 1958, he is now 52 years old. "Ice smile" is 34 years old, "Ice smile 2" is a work when it is 48 years old.

"Love songs to the angels"Woopy GoldbergIs 54 years old. It looks like a good age as a good feeling like Obachan.

Bond girl of 1973 movie '007 is the one who dies'Jane SeymourIs 59 years old. It may depend on how you take pictures, but it does not look very much before the 60th birthday.

Actresses active in television and moviesMorgan Fairchild. He has been active since the 1970's, now 60 years old. This is a 60th calendar ... ....

Academy Awards regulars actressMeryl Streep. I am 61 years old born in 1949. Looking back on "Kramer, Kramer", I am surprised to learn that there was a young time in Meryl Streep as well.

An actress who gained popularity in both Europe and HollywoodSophia Loren. I was 76 years old since I was born in 1934.

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