When you take pictures taken of 3 years until the old building is demolished and a new building is built, it becomes like this

It is a movie that made time lapse (picture frame) images of photographs taken from the same place for 3 years from the demolition work of the old building done in Paris until the new building was built.

The demolished building is about 86 meters tall and the new building is 99 meters high, but the back of the old building gradually lowers, the back of the old building gradually lowers and is pushed into the ground and the new building grows like a niokinogi Also, it is a very interesting image.

Playback is from the following.3 Years At The Same Place (english version) on Vimeo

The project started on December 1, 2006. First of all EDF (France Electricity AuthorityThe demolition of the building will begin.

It is a building made of 18,000 tons of rebar and 121,000 tons of concrete.

The height is 282 feet (about 85.5 m), 19 stories long.

It gradually declined steadily, and the core part was disassembled in the construction period of 5 months.

In November 2007 all the dismantling processes were completed.

Construction of "Sequana Tower" began on December 1, 2007 newly.

The lower part gradually finished. By the way, the floor space is 857,000 square feet (about 79,618 square meters).

The height is 328 feet (about 99.4 meters)

It will be 24 floors above the EDF building with 4 floors.

The area of ​​the office floor is 322,000 square feet (about 20,995 square meters)

Glass will also enter the bottom.

The tower is almost completed.

A logo entered ......


Construction completed in July 2010. It seems that it was lighted up and was unveiled extensively.

This time lapse lives in ParisPierre JolivetThe shooting period is from January 2007 to September 2010, and the camera isPentax K 110DI used to shoot 45,000 copies.

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