The world's first Sony 'Google TV' is inexpensive, information on sale, lineup etc. leaks

At the end of September the world's largest consumer electronics retailer "Best Buy" was held in New York,Formal announcement on October 12BeforeSony's "Google TV" whose real thing was introducedHowever, it became clear that information such as price and lineup leaked.

Because "Google TV" has high performance which is different from ordinary television, such as corresponding to content distribution service, web browsing, application, it seems to be unexpectedly inexpensive because it seems that main unit price will rise.

Details are as below.
Sizes And Pricing for Sony Google TV Family Leaked | Sony Insider

According to Sony Insider's report on Sony's internal information etc., "Google TV" officially announced on October 12 is "NSX-24GT 1 (24 inch)", "NSX-32 GT 1 (32 inch)" "NSX - 40 GT 1 (40 inch) "and" NSX - 46 GT 1 (46 inch) "are lineups.

NSX-40GT1 "is $ 1499.99 (about 123600 yen)," NSX-32GT1 "is 1299.99 (about 150,000 yen)," NSX-46GT1 "which is the largest size is 1899.99 dollars (about 157,000 yen) About 107,000 yen), and only the smallest "NSX - 24GT1" is unknown.

In addition, the set-top box "NSZ-GT1" which adds the function of "Google TV" to ordinary TV adopts wireless LAN and HDMI cable, etc. Since the eject button is mounted on the main body, Blu- It is expected that it will also function as a ray player.

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