As a 4K television, it is a 50-inch high performance 4K TV "VIZIO P-Series" of about 100,000 yen, which is cheap

It is a manufacturer of LED · LCD · HDTVVIZIOButCES 2014The 4K TV that was announced at "VIZIO P-Series"It turned out that it will be released at a price of 50.99 inches and a price of 999.99 dollars (about 100,000 yen) at a price that is super-discount. It is a point that it is high performance despite low price range.

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Looking at the following movies, you can see clearly what the 4K TV "VIZIO P - Series" is like, the drawing engine and what is better.

CES 2014 VIZIO P - Series - YouTube

VIZIO P-Series is a 4K television with Ultra HD (4K) resolution.

You can reproduce the real image in high quality.

A detailed picture with high pixel of 4K is realized by the new LED backlight "64 Active LED Zones", which makes it possible to adjust the contrast at the pixel level.

Advanced graphics performance is created by "VIZIO's V6" of 2 core CPU + 4 core GPU.

VIZIO P-Series achieves unprecedented detail with 4K resolution.

Polaroid had announced a super-discount 4K television with 50 inches and a price of 999.99 dollars (about 105,000 yen), but it was low performance of low price version so far. However, the VIZIO P-Series uses the VIZIO's V6 processor to create next-generation codecsHEVCHigh-performance backlight 64 Active LED Zones, compatible with HDMI 2.0 · Wi-Fi (802.11ac), compatible with 4x speed 120fps display mode, capable of playing YouTube with "VIZIO Internet Apps Plus" High performance . I actually checked the videoThe VERGEAccording to VIZIO P - Series, it realizes very high image quality despite the super - discount price.

The VIZIO P-Series has a 50-inch model "P502ui-B1" for $ 999.99 (about 105,000 yen), a 55-inch model "P552ui-B2" for $ 1399.99 (about 147,000 yen), a 60-inch model "P602ui- B3 "is 1799.99 dollars (about 189,000 yen), the 65-inch model" P652ui-B2 "is 2199.99 dollars (about 230,000 yen), the 70-inch model" P702ui-B3 "is 2599.99 dollars (about 273,000 yen) It has become.

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