About 5000 yen between Tokyo and Osaka, ANA announced plans to establish a cheap airline (LCC)

Ryanair, an oversea airline that offers cheap serviceVery inexpensive "stand-by plane" of 500 yen to 1000 yenAlthough it is the aviation industry in which waves of fare price reduction are pushing down,All Nippon Airways (ANA, ANA)To simplify the service and to improve the efficiency and provide air transport services at a low priceLCC (Cheap airlines)It is clear that it is a policy to newly establish.

It is said that the fare between Tokyo and Osaka will be about 5000 yen comparable to a cheap night bus, which is highly contented expectation.

Details are as below.
Cheap airline of ANA, Kanku - Narita 5000 yen! : Economic News: Money / Economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

All Nippon Airways, official decision to enter cheap air - Sankei Biz (Sankei Biz)

According to the reports of the Yomiuri Shimbun and Sankei Shimbun, it is clearly decided that formerly LCC (Cheap Airlines) will be established at the extraordinary Board of Directors, which All Nippon Airways (ANA, ANA) will open on September 9 tomorrow It seems to have become.

The LCC newly established by ANA,Kansai International Airport that is committed to attracting LCCBased on the foundation in 2011, plan to start domestic and international flights. Specific routes will be decided in the future, but on domestic flights, it is planned to operate flights such as Kansai International Airport ~ Narita airport, Kansai International Airport ~ Fukuoka airport etc. around 5000 yen, Kansai International Airport ~ Naha Airport flight around 8000 yen It is considered to be powerful.

Although the largest shareholder of LCC will be ANA, the investment will be suppressed to around 30%. To the end it is deployed as a separate brand with ANA, employees' salary system is different, and the cost is suppressed by paying in-flight meals and drinks and the fare is set to be significantly lower.

By the way, without setting up a boarding bridge, it is possible to respond to low-cost operation by concentrating gates of departure and arrival on the first floorThe number of visitors has increased since I opened in March this year at Ibaraki Airport which is Japan's first "LCC compatible airport"In addition to the urgent need to respond to LCCs at each airport, CEO of Australia's largest "Qantas" cooperative relationship with Japan Airlines (JAL), which is undergoing business restructuring, established "LCC We will spare no efforts to support you. "

We support ourselves by establishing cheap air - Nikko is an important partner - Joyce CEO of Australian Qantas

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