Christophe Gilbert, a mysterious photographer who sends sensual images to the world one after another,

Christophe Gilbert is a Belgian-born photographer who mainly photographs advertisement-related photographs and also possesses a very talented photo retouching skill. Originally it was an assistant photographer who specializes in cars in the 1980's, but from that, I widened the entrance greatly and added advertisement photos such as Mercedes · Renault · Ikea · Levis · LG Electronics · Sony (Playstation) · Toyota · Volkswagen etc. It is a mysterious photographer who does not know anything even if he goes to his official website, except that he is calling himself "perfectionist" and "eternal student".

However, its artistic image is strangely sensual, and as you look at each work in succession, it is somewhat felt that you are intensely saying "This is the person's personality" You should be able to do it.

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Christophe Gilbert - Photographer

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