Photographer "Chema Madoz" who creates a creative image with everyday items

What is called what is called contemporary art is a lot of works showing the aspect of concept art, and there are so many kinds of things that you can see what the work is intended for the first time in combination with words and explanations, but this time The photographer "Chema Madoz"'s work has succeeded in creating an extremely tasty atmosphere by summarizing abstract images creative using concrete objects. It is funny if you feel a little cheating and feel like a picture and watch it peacefully.

When it comes to boiling down to creative etc, it seems a little idea comes up or a new inspiration may be obtained.

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The dishes


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Chema Madoz fotografo

It is said that he was born in Madrid, Spain in 1958, but it is the power of the Internet to know the existence of such artists all over the world, right.

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