The release date of "Monster Hunter Portable 3rd" will be decided on December 1, and the exhibition at Tokyo Game Show 2010 will be also displayed

The latest work of Capcom's popular series "Monster Hunter" which was officially announced in March this year "Monster Hunter Portable 3rd'S release date was decided on December 1, 2010.

Although it is the successor work of the PSP software "Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G" which was released in March 2008 and sold nearly 4 million copies, which is the highest number on this platform,Tokyo Game Show 2010So that you can experience it as soon as possible.

Details are as below.
According to the official website of "Monster Hunter Portable 3rd", the work will be released on Wednesday, 1 December 2010. The suggested retail price is 5800 yen.

CAPCOM: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Official Site

In addition, this work is scheduled to be exhibited at "Tokyo Game Show 2010" to be held from September 16 (Thursday), and the following three quests can be selected.

Weapons can be selected from 12 types.

In the single play corner, you can experience accompanying with two Otomo Airou, which became possible from "Monster Hunter Portable 3rd".

In playing, "limited ticket" which is distributed limitedly at the venue is necessary, so you have to choose between single play or online play, so you need to be careful.

Details about playable information are posted on the following page.

CAPCOM: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd | Tokyo Game Show 2010 Playable Information

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